Dubai and Visa Runs

Visa Runs….

Yes since we didn’t have that desired residency stamp in the U.A.E, we needed to make a run every 30 days.  There was a way you could go a government building and pay something like 300 dirham, but it could only be done one time.

The fact that you could pay 120 dirham a piece and do the run every 30 days made it the best choice.  Of course, you have a bunch of places that offer to take you on the run, and the prices do range from the lower end to more expensive.

You could also rent a car and try to do the process yourself.  After our first run, half way through it, we were happy we didn’t rent a car and drive.

You have to stop at many checkpoints.  The driver handles the passports and questions at this point.  Nice when you don’t speak Arabic!

The van we rode in held about 15 people.  All of us from various countries.  Most of us just sat and looked out the window, not talking to anyone but who we rode with.

It’s an all day trip for sure, once you get to Oman, you have to go and get two stamps.  This was very important, that entry and exit stamp.  If you were missing the exit stamp, they wouldn’t allow you back into the U.A.E.


(Some scenery from the visa run to Oman)

Thankfully, the driver of the van goes in with you and makes sure everyone has their stamps.  It was at this point we began talking to two other passengers.  They were a couple from the UK, and we had a lot in common with them.

This wasn’t the last time we would hang out with them.  We explored new places to eat with them, and saw some movies, and just hung out many times.

To this very day we Skype with them as well.  That one trip to Oman, gave us a chance to meet a great couple.

Also the drive back didn’t seem near as slow as the trip to Oman.  We talked and chatted the whole way back.  After we got back to the mall, we discovered that they lived about five blocks from us as well.

Talk about coincidences!  Colin and Judith were easily one of the best experiences we had during our stay in Dubai.  Lifelong friends that we met on a visa run, talk about luck!

Those visa trips for us continued, Colin and Judith had been making their last run.  Lucky them!  John and I had another 6 runs before we decided that Dubai just wasn’t the place for us and we moved on.

Next time a few little stories, some embarrassing, if I decide to include them!  Along with how the teaching academy he worked with dangled the residency for a few months in front of him.  This cost us another three months, staying in an expensive place, with hope of that residency stamp.

Also our choices after John got his TEFL, and various interviews, and choices of our next stop!


The Phone Call

My now husband was walking into Walmart and the payphone was ringing in the entry way.  As you can tell this is a while ago, since phones are no longer in the entry when you go into stores.  So he picks it up, and hears, “Is this so and so collections?”  He replies, “Yes, yes it is, how may I help you?”  The person on the other side went off, apparently he owed money to a company, they sent him a letter, and also called neighbors and left messages for him, so that he would pay his bill.  He was not happy at all about this, but he was avoiding calling to pay his bill.  Obviously he dialed incorrectly, getting this Walmart location instead.  The guy began screaming at the top of his lungs, threatening legal action, and making physical threats.

My husbands reply was, “Sir you need to calm down, take a deep breath, take off the dress, grow a set of balls, and pay your fucking bill.”  (Can you imagine actually hearing this from someone you had called to talk about a bill, I mean not at all)!

He then screamed going irate, demanding to speak to a supervisor.  In which my husband replied, “He’s currently snorting lines of cocaine on the ass of a hooker, in the men’s bathroom on the second floor.  Can I take a message?”

The guy hung up.  I wonder when or if he ever realized he got the wrong number.  

The very first time I heard this story, I cried I was laughing so hard, and still to this day, it makes me laugh.  

When you have a feeling your relationship is ending

You know it’s hard to admit to oneself that a relationship you have may soon be ending.  As a female, I just don’t want to be mean and say straight out, go, I don’t want you around anymore.  Because there may still be a few times that he comes in handy, and not sexually though.

But really how are you supposed to be nice and let another person that you have been with for years, that suddenly, or actually over the past few months or even years that you have lost those feelings you once had?  It’s hard and at times like this I simply ask God for clarity on the situation and how to handle it the right way.

However, as I wait and the days go by, my feelings get all bunched up and I get frustrated that I have yet failed to correct something that I am not happy with anymore.  But soon one day those things will be corrected, and I will finally know once again what it is like to be alone, and not have to please anyone else day to day!

That just sounds very exciting for some reason.  Just the fact that I don’t have to make small talk when I really do not want to talk to him at all.  Oh I did forget to add that right now he has no place to go to if I do kick him out.  His mom is away on a cruise and will not be back for another full week.  So maybe the day after she gets back I will finally make my move.