Dubai and Visa Runs

Visa Runs….

Yes since we didn’t have that desired residency stamp in the U.A.E, we needed to make a run every 30 days.  There was a way you could go a government building and pay something like 300 dirham, but it could only be done one time.

The fact that you could pay 120 dirham a piece and do the run every 30 days made it the best choice.  Of course, you have a bunch of places that offer to take you on the run, and the prices do range from the lower end to more expensive.

You could also rent a car and try to do the process yourself.  After our first run, half way through it, we were happy we didn’t rent a car and drive.

You have to stop at many checkpoints.  The driver handles the passports and questions at this point.  Nice when you don’t speak Arabic!

The van we rode in held about 15 people.  All of us from various countries.  Most of us just sat and looked out the window, not talking to anyone but who we rode with.

It’s an all day trip for sure, once you get to Oman, you have to go and get two stamps.  This was very important, that entry and exit stamp.  If you were missing the exit stamp, they wouldn’t allow you back into the U.A.E.


(Some scenery from the visa run to Oman)

Thankfully, the driver of the van goes in with you and makes sure everyone has their stamps.  It was at this point we began talking to two other passengers.  They were a couple from the UK, and we had a lot in common with them.

This wasn’t the last time we would hang out with them.  We explored new places to eat with them, and saw some movies, and just hung out many times.

To this very day we Skype with them as well.  That one trip to Oman, gave us a chance to meet a great couple.

Also the drive back didn’t seem near as slow as the trip to Oman.  We talked and chatted the whole way back.  After we got back to the mall, we discovered that they lived about five blocks from us as well.

Talk about coincidences!  Colin and Judith were easily one of the best experiences we had during our stay in Dubai.  Lifelong friends that we met on a visa run, talk about luck!

Those visa trips for us continued, Colin and Judith had been making their last run.  Lucky them!  John and I had another 6 runs before we decided that Dubai just wasn’t the place for us and we moved on.

Next time a few little stories, some embarrassing, if I decide to include them!  Along with how the teaching academy he worked with dangled the residency for a few months in front of him.  This cost us another three months, staying in an expensive place, with hope of that residency stamp.

Also our choices after John got his TEFL, and various interviews, and choices of our next stop!


Cat Bathing Day

Cat Bathing Day

Nothing says fun like the day you give your cat a bath. Thankfully our cat has no claws, so at least we don’t have to suffer from the scratches that a lot of other cat owners do. However, look at that face, this is thankfully after she’s forgiven her humans for the bath. But if you see the slight scrunching of the eyes, this indicates that she is still a bit pissed, trying to figure out, are you giving me another bath? Explicit words form in her mind, and with our cat, she swears she can speak human. Since I’m trying to keep this at least PG rated today, I can not state the words that come out of her mouth as meow’s and other sounds!!!
We love this cat though, she is old and set in her ways, but there is nothing with that, after all we spoil her as much as we can!!
I’d love to hear other tales from people about what their cat does when they bathe them. Oh by the way, our cat can be heard, no doubt about it saying “NO” when the water is running and we bring her into the bathroom. If I remember next time I’ll record her, so you can hear it, it’s cute!

Happy New Year

First off Happy New Year to all who read this post!!!!  Hope it’s a great 2012 for everyone, I have a feeling for me it’s all open at my fingertips and just waiting for me to grab it and make the right moves to keep it all going great!  There are so many of us out there who fear the change of new things and along with the change to another year that fear can well up inside of you quite deeply.  But if you take that fear on and you head it off and don’t let it conquer your mind, you’ll be much further each day you wake up than you have ever been in your life.

One of the things many people do during this time of the year is make a resolution for something they plan on doing or accomplishing for the New Year.  Something like losing weight, quitting smoking or various other general statements often flood out of people’s mouth quickly.  But really this challenge will give you a bit of time to think.  Really think about what you truly want to accomplish this coming year.


For me the list is many, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t all be part of one plan, because it is.  Part of the plan to make sure that this coming year is one that I will not only be able to hold my head up high and say I did it.  But this year I will be saying I did it right this time around, or that is what I would love to be able to say in a year’s time when the next year comes up and another celebration will come up.

My writing will become something that is still important to me, but it may not always be my main focus.  However, I think I’m finally okay with that aspect changing some in my life.  I have my blog and I have my various writing that I will do from time to time.  However, the time has come to expand the things I can do from home and bring in the money that is needed to help support my family.

This may include various forays into other areas that I have never thought about taking on, however, if they are something that will help make money, it may be a good choice to consider.  Forgive the generalization of my comments in this post.  But I am trying to make it general enough so that someone else can apply their own needs and wants and desires to the post.

It’s going to be a shared year with many people around you, so keep in mind that at times you will need to bend in your approach to solving those problems.

Happy New Year all, and may it be one that is blessed and successful.

In Apology

Sometimes we just have to take a second to say we are sorry.  We may have done something that was not meant to come across like it did, but in the end it did.  It may have meant to have been something that seemed so simple to accomplish at first, but when the time came to pull through and do it just right, we fail miserably.

If you’ve ever been there before you’ll know what I’m talking about.  It could be in the form of a call, just to hear someone, and to really honestly tell them to have fun.  But you realize instantly just how much you miss the fact that they are not with you.  And instead of being all graceful, you instead begin to weep like a baby.

Knowing that this causes the other person pain, you try and stop, but just can’t do it, because you can’t help it.  Perhaps it was a meltdown of some kind.  Or maybe just some weird connection that made you lose it for just a second, and wonder, “Are they thinking of me like I am them?”

Or maybe it’s the stupidity you feel when you realize you’ve left yourself once again standing in front of the same person naked emotionally.  Either could cause the reaction of who knows what, I don’t.

But in the long run the fact is that you’ve made a fool of yourself once again, and alas you end the New Year with yet another time when you felt like a dumb ass.

I have a friend

I don’t know just thought this title was a good one today.  Kind of can lead down a trail of little stories if I so choose too.  But it’s also something that you’ve most likely heard at least one time in your life.  Either you’ve said it or you’ve heard it stated.  you know that time when the old saying how it goes and all.  “I have a friend who told me once”  or something like that, and a lot of times it’s a great story.

But there are times when those stories just don’t come to completion.  For this time around I’m putting my son Ryan on the burner, because this was so funny.  Just last night we were sitting around with yet another couple of our friends, and we were talking.  Sure we were feeling pretty good too, but we were talking and Ryan gets all serious and starts telling this story that he thinks is funny.

So keep in mind I’m sick and I’ve been coughing, and something he said just started me laughing but than I got into a coughing fit.  So he’s getting all upset because I’m stopping his story.  Not that I meant too, but I coughed again, and maybe a couple more times.  But finally I had to tell him to stop because what I wanted to say was so much more interesting than what he was saying and where he was leading too.   YES I know that was rude of me, but the funny thing is his story was so blah, that we didn’t even know he had gotten to the punch line, the 20 mins later when we were done laughing about what I had said and he was able to finish his story.

At that point, we were like “That’s IT”  Really that was it, and he told both of us, yeah but when I first thought of it the story was funny, but once you stopped coughing and laughing it wasn’t funny any more.  So why tell it????  It was worth the time because we laughed over it for quite some time.


Sorry Ryan, but you had to share this one with me since it was more about you than anything 🙂  Love you

Did you ever?

What a loaded question that could be, did you ever?  Did you ever have a bad day?  Did you ever find life too complicated?  Did you ever love?  Did you ever hate?  Really think about all of the questions you can come up with when thinking about this one beginning phrase.

Hell on most of the questions I come up with it’s usually a yes.  Not just the one’s that are above either, but the one’s that are now running through my head.  Yes I have that problem, where you start thinking of something and you get distracted too often to really know exactly what you may be thinking.  You had to notice this if you’ve ever read one of my blogs already.  I do not ever go in a straight line, or if I do, well it’s amazing.

Jumping around is just natural for my mind, it’s already wondering what I’m going to do after I’m finished with this blog.  It never sits still for very long, perhaps the reasons for my medicines :).

But anyway I was just in a did you ever mood today.  And the great thing about it is right now I am being lead a bit by the music I am listening too as well.  Right now is “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden.  Fabulous song and great group, but it’s a bit dark thus my mood or questions will often go to that side of the mind.

What is the worst thing I’ve ever done?  Wow, do I really want to share this with people I don’t even know?  Seriously would you?  Sorry can’t share this on grounds that it would incriminate me in some things I don’t want to admit too.  But I have done bad things just like everyone else out there in the world.

No I have never killed a person just so you know.  I may write horror and some scary shit, but I’ve never done any of it.  My mind is just full of ideas that seem really odd and scary at some points and that is what I feed off of to get my stories.  That and songs of course.

I have developed a cold or my allergies are really affecting me today as well.  So I have taken allergy medicine on top of my already countless medicines, so I am also a bit loopy to go along with everything else.

Yes this day will be one that is filled with jumping all over the freaking place, and many other adventures.  Though to tell you the truth those adventures would be so much more fun if the right person or people (you know who you are) were home right now instead of doing the right thing and working 🙂

Was that too direct, or still disguised enough so no one but us will know?  Sorry just messing with you!  I know your going to smack me when you get here 🙂

Sorry folks told you it was going to be a weird day.  that last bit was for someone who will know and just them 🙂  Have a great day and next time I post I will try and stick to one place, yeah not really :p

Well Merry Christmas

Christmas has become way too commercialized.  It’s plain and simple this is not a holiday that most people see as celebrating the birth of Jesus anymore, but one where the kids get the presents, Santa brings them or doesn’t, and it’s more about what you get and just how much you spend.

Instead it should be about thanking God for all that He has given us.  But even I this year am having a bit of a problem with this aspect.  Not because of much else besides the fact that I have to questions just how much I have.  Sure I should think of it as I have a life, a son, and friends.  But so much seems to be missing at times, however, it’s my fault not Gods.

However, as a sinner I see this as something different at most times.  It’s that questioning and wondering that will often get us all into trouble.  I guess even though I’m not super happy today I still need to remember that it was on this day that God did give us His son and Jesus would die for our sins eventually.

So I will try and make the most of the rest of my day and not cry about split milk or whatever other problems I have, or at least try and keep it at a minimum.

For those that I am not around this year, I hope that you are having a blast where ever you are, in whatever state, or place you may be in.  Friends and family cheers to all of you and I sure hope it isn’t too cold in those other states 🙂

The words we like to hear

Everyone of us in life wants nothing more than to be loved.  Not just the love of family and friends, but so much more is searched for over the years of our lives.  But how do you know when the right time is to state those words, and how do you know when they are being stated for the right reasons?

In the past I’ve said these words too often, and well in the words of the song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol simply put:

(Those three words

Are said too much

They’re not enough.)

This is the sentiment I’m talking about right now.  Those three words are so nice to hear, you crave them in life from the right people, and often times from the wrong people.  It’s those bad relationships that you go through that will often define the person you are and how you look at those words from now on.

In the past I’ve been in abusive relationships, one’s where I wish I could have gotten out of quicker.  Maybe not the actual beating that many women suffer from, but the words that are pushed onto you, making you feel like you do not matter.  Those words that will often make you feel like you mean absolutely nothing to anyone, not just the person who is telling you them, but from the world.

This lack of self-esteem has beat down many people in the past and will continue to do the same thing throw the years to come.  If there was just a way that you could instead not have to hear words, feel fists, or go through pain, well it wouldn’t be life, because we all sin.

However, that does not mean that you should shut down and not want to hear those words ever again in your life.  Hell even people who’ve come through some of the roughest times will still want to and crave those three words.  The real question is not if they will hear them again, but at times if they will really believe them when they are said or not.

Another problem that I myself often face is the fact that I have to question what Love really is.  This is only because of the past and how I’ve made wrong choices.  But really just how many other people have gone through their lives and not really known what Love is?  In that case that is when those three words just don’t mean enough to them.  It is something that is needed and desired, but often lacking in some sort of conviction, because we simply are not sure if the words are true, or just coming from somewhere else in another persons universe.

I will be truthful hearing those words from the right person in my life would be thrilling.  However, it is not something that I will need either, I will crave it, desire it, wish for it, and love it if it happens.  But I do not want to be a person who only hears the words and does not get the whole thing anymore.

What is the whole thing?  The meaning that the other person knows without a doubt that there is nothing in this world that they would not do for me.  Or better yet, let me explain what those three words really mean to me, it will make more sense.

So if you have heard those three words from me at some point in life and are not just a friend, but a true friend who I would go to the end for this is what I mean:

I will do anything for you, protect you, stand up for you, fight for you, go to bat for you, until the last breath has escaped from my body.  That is what I love you to me means, does it mean it to you?  Anyone, everyone, think about it!



Yes this is my sentiment today, UGH.  Simple enough but such a word that could mean so much more than just what it sounds like.  Is this an UGH, finally I’m done with my work?  Or is it more of an UGH, hell it’s only 6 pm at night and I won’t have fun until a much later time.

This UGH is one that is filled with many meanings, most of which are quite difficult to explain fully.  But it’s not really a good UGH, but more of an Ugh UGH.  You know that feeling of simply wishing the day would skip past a lot quicker, the time when you get to see the smile of someone who means a lot to you.

Yes my days are now filled with a longing that should not be there.  Well that is if you do not believe in wanting to spend extra time with anyone who you think is special.  Somehow, somewhere along the way though I got lost and ended up at a point where I am missing someone again.

Jeez, you have to wonder if life just is simple at least one single time in the future.  Will it all fall into place, will there be no more worries, no more sad times?  Well I guess with Faith you have to believe that sooner or later it will all come to pass and what you deserve you will get.

Hey on a side note for that last comment, those people who have messed around and screwed others over, that means your time is coming too.  Kind of funny, but you all may want to begin looking over your back soon.  Hey it’s not a threat from me at all, but a promise from God!


Have a great day and once again UGH>

For Us All

There are times that will come up in your life, no matter who you are, where you will have to stand up and help another person.  Well that is if you have friends you will be called upon at least one time to show them they are very important.  At times this can be a difficult task, case and point, if the person has always been put down by others they thought were important.

But there are ways to get the point across and let them know that they Do Matter to You, and other people as well.  If you have ever had to do this you know that you give your all, your whole heart, and so much more to help out that person.  When you find out that this person is not just a friend, but someone you care about more than that, well it becomes even more important that you get the message across.

Here is something to consider today:

Not only are you now putting in your friendship and how you feel, but possibly your whole soul to the equation.  When it comes to this point you may be asked (Am I worth it?), well the answer in this case is absolutely no doubt about it, you are worth everything.

Any tear that I have shed because of your pain is there because I want to take the pain away from you.  Not because I pity or feel bad about what happened, but because the pain is so fresh and raw to me as well.  It feels as if the same thing happened to me as well.  (well this is the way that many people will react to that question).

Just saying there are times that you may have felt this way before in life too.  All you need to know is that you are not the only one who has faced it, and will not be the last one.  So if you are having a day like this, know that at least I have been there before and am thinking good thoughts that you will find a way through this time in your life.

ON a side note, most of my posts will make very little sense at times, but that is because I just write as I think.  So I am sorry if this will confuse anyone, but just take it as it is.  A bit of words to live by, or how I’ve done it in the past or maybe even in the future 🙂

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