American’s in Egypt

Annoyances and Great Things


One thing we quickly learned when walking in downtown Cairo, was everyone thinks you’re a tourist, and thus they want you to come to their shop.

The usual approach is to tell you that you “look like an Egyptian!” no matter what nationality you are, by the way.  Then you tell them thanks and laugh a bit.

After which they will go one of two ways.  They’ll ask you were you are from, and respond by telling you how much they love that country.  No it’s the money they love, especially if you say America.  You see the dollar exchanges at a really high rate over here.  Right now you can get around 16 pounds to every one dollar.  Not a bad rate of exchange, but these people want to free you from some of that money.

They will then tell you they have a shop, or they want to give you their business card.  You can say no, but they will continue to push it, by telling you they want no money from you.  (Don’t believe this comment, it is a lie)!

We’ve gone back to a few stores, and they will offer you a free sample, but then suddenly that free sample is something that costs you money.  If you get roped into going to a store, just keep telling them Shukrun, but La-ah.  You’re telling them thank you but no.

One guy had provided us with like three scrolls, even though we kept informing him we had no money to spend.  Finally, I told him we had to go meet friends.  He said do you have anything to give my sister she’s getting married.

I pulled out like six pounds that was all I had on me.  And he was offended, we reminded him that we had told him already that we had nothing on us.

We left the store, with one upset Egyptian, and without having spent a cent.

But you have to figure they are only trying to make a living.  We simply avoid them anymore by telling them we are busy and are on our way someplace.  They can still be pushy, but you can’t fall for these things, or you will spend way too much money.  By all means if you want trinkets, check them out!

ON the other hand each morning we visit a guy who has his business two doors down.  We get our breakfast of fool and salita (beans and salad) and spend only 10 pounds.  John always gives him a tip, he’s got amazing beans!

Now remember what I said about the exchange rate?  That’s less than a dollar for two meals that will fill you up.  Of course John gets paid in pounds, not dollars.  So it’s not a great deal, but it’s not bad at all.  We get full and start out the day with a nice meal.  If you are visiting Egypt though and have dollars, you’re getting one hell of a meal for a very inexpensive rate.  By the way GMO’s are banned over here, so you are eating healthy!


American’s in Egypt

Learning to play real life Frogger


Crossing the streets in Egypt is no easy task.  Watch video’s online of the traffic and you’ll understand.  It’s quite the shock for people from the Western world too.

You have to time it right, because people won’t stop and simply let you cross the road.  Now we are just fine crossing the roads, but not at first.

The first hundred times or so, you’re quite worried you’ll be hit by the tons of cars rushing by.  You hold hands and try to make sure no one in your party gets hit as well.

Now we have a system to crossing.  We watch and pick the right place to decide to cross.  I’m honestly shocked I’ve only seen one person hit by a car since we’ve been here!

We walk everywhere though, yes sometimes we use the metro, but not too much.  So you need to find that part inside of you that doesn’t care about danger.

There are times when we simply walk through the cars, without a care in the world.  Though John still tells me to hurry up and not get run over.

People here are friendly, as long as they aren’t behind the wheel of a car.  Texting here is just fine while you drive.  We’ve seen some accidents, but amazingly not many.

There are red lights, but not all drivers stop for those, so you can’t even count on that as a way to cross the road.  Again, you get used to it and learn how to cross without help.

The trick is to simply step out and walk like you don’t care.  Or to walk at the same time as another person.  Perhaps it is the thought of hitting two people that make some slow down!

Anyway we walked downtown when we first got here, and found some amazing stores.  Many little shops will sell clothes and other items, and you can try and talk them down on the prices!

There is a market near our home that sells all sorts of things.  Clothes, fruit, kitchen utensils, and many other items.  We’ve met several people down there.

Now we deal with certain sellers, the ones who’ve dealt well with us in the past!  We get all our fruit from there, you can get some great deals on fresh produce.

No one is ever mean to us, they don’t try and convert us to their religion.  They have never tried to harm us, no beheadings, nothing.  Not like the people in the West are told can happen.

Believe me when I tell you, that you’ve been lied too about this part of the world.  What I offer you is a firsthand experience of two American’s living in the Middle East.  If you choose to continue to believe the lies you’ve been told over my experience, well it means you’re just deeply brainwashed.

I would suggest that everyone who thinks a religion is so violent, they come and visit Egypt.  You’ll find out the story is quite different here.

The Middle East As an American

Continue of Dubai

Before we moved to Dubai as I said many people thought we were crazy and that we wouldn’t be safe.  They claimed that we wouldn’t be able to attend church.  That I would have to be completely covered up when dressed, i.e. no shorts whatsoever.

Well I can tell you that there are plenty of churches to attend in Dubai, and we did go.  We were no harassed in anyway because we were Christian.  In fact, along the street to the many churches you found people selling food.  It was cheap and good, we bought some and had a rather nice meal on the walk.

So all those claims that you can’t be a Christian and go to church were simply propaganda, and lies.  Imagine that!  Western propaganda at its best trying to create fear among the population.  They’ve done a great job of it.

Moving onto shorts, you know what I wore them outside.  They weren’t short-shorts, but ones that came down to my knees.  They were fine and no one said anything to me about them.  Again another lie that is told about this part of the world.

My husband and I are the type of couple who like to hold hands when we walk.  Well this was one thing we could not do in the country, unless we wanted to possibly be fined.

So we still held hands from time to time and didn’t get caught.  Yes we were lucky.  But honestly, with everything we enjoyed was well worth the one thing we were not able to do.

Next time I’ll talk about our Visa renewal trips, fun times, and people we met along the way.  Possibly a few embarrassing times as well.  Along with our search for a place to live in a very expensive country.

Just one of those days

So it was a day where I got to ride the bus over to the other side of Tampa and visit my doctor.  Talk about fun!  No not really besides the guy who was complaining to himself, I fell asleep and almost missed my stops two different times.  I got off the bus too early and had to walk several blocks to get to my next stop, and well it was freaking crowded.

Besides that the bus ride could be considered one of pure necessity, nothing but that.  If I could have I would have skipped the appointment, however, I knew that was not an option.  Seriously considering doing the ALL Natural thing from now on so I never have to go back again though.

Nothing is ever fun if you really don’t want to do it in the first place, there are a lot of people out there who can attest to this.  Whether in their case it be a doctors appointment or something else, it is never nice to feel the pressure of doing the things we just don’t want to do.  But again with life there are times when we just have to buckle down and Just Do IT.

Yeah that’s about as philosophical I will get today because I don’t feel like it.  For the rest of the night I have no clue what is going on but I do know one thing for sure, I doubt it will be anything to do with a bus and riding it in Tampa.

Not sure about this one

So I hate coming up with titles to my posts, thus the not sure about this one!  I’ve always had a harder time coming up with a title than i do 500 or more words written on any topic.  Well except for those highly technical computer topics, I really suck at those!

It’s been a good day, going a little slow, but what can you do, nothing.  For those people who are out of the house and at work, hope it’s going okay.  I really hope I can continue to say that my job is from home, but I will have to wait and see a bit more of what goes on as the days go by.

Later on today I will be working once again on editing my novel.  Don’t know if it will go near as smoothly as it has so far.  Not really feeling too darn creative right now.  The pain of stopping those vices that we so love to do, and losing some of the inspiration along the way because of it, can be a bit of a downer at times.

But on another note it is nice and quiet here right now, so that may help me out quite a bit.  Looking for additional income is such a pain in the ass too.  Never the less I will continue to keep looking, hope you all have a great day.

Believe in Me

Have you ever heard the song by Staind?  Believe in Me, is an amazing song, and one that says so much about my life right now.  If only the right person would continue to believe I know that I could prove others wrong.  Well maybe not prove others wrong, but at least offer something that wasn’t the same as everything else.

Not just a song that talks about how this one person can change things around for themselves, but for others.  Actually in all reality we all have this power if used correctly.  Okay so I’m a bit off base today, it’s been a long day already and one that has been filled with running around and doing stuff that I may not have wanted to do, but had too.

Side note time:  Why do kids never think about money the same way as adults????  WTF, my air was on 60, yes 60, seriously, I hate being cold, but my boy loves it.  I am so going to whip his ass….No don’t call child services on me, he won’t be hurt badly!!!

So anyway check out the song Believe by Staind and if you love it let me know too!  🙂


Often times people just don’t take the time to say thank you.  Not just to those around us who do something little, or to God for the larger things in life as well.  I’ve tried to begin to say thank you each day of my life, and several times each day as well, thank you.  A simple couple of words, that to someone could mean a lot.

Take for example the person who is working in a 7-11 or something, you know they may hate their job and may not want to be there.  But if you are nice to them, even if they are rude, normally they may stop and think, wait.  Just tell them “Thank you and have a good day”.  It may be tough to do, but it will allow you to move on through the rest of your day with a little less negative energy.

Negative energy is a killer, and the more you let it in, the worse your day will become.

Thank you God for all those wonderful things in my life 🙂  Hope you all have a great day.

Happy New Year

First off Happy New Year to all who read this post!!!!  Hope it’s a great 2012 for everyone, I have a feeling for me it’s all open at my fingertips and just waiting for me to grab it and make the right moves to keep it all going great!  There are so many of us out there who fear the change of new things and along with the change to another year that fear can well up inside of you quite deeply.  But if you take that fear on and you head it off and don’t let it conquer your mind, you’ll be much further each day you wake up than you have ever been in your life.

One of the things many people do during this time of the year is make a resolution for something they plan on doing or accomplishing for the New Year.  Something like losing weight, quitting smoking or various other general statements often flood out of people’s mouth quickly.  But really this challenge will give you a bit of time to think.  Really think about what you truly want to accomplish this coming year.


For me the list is many, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t all be part of one plan, because it is.  Part of the plan to make sure that this coming year is one that I will not only be able to hold my head up high and say I did it.  But this year I will be saying I did it right this time around, or that is what I would love to be able to say in a year’s time when the next year comes up and another celebration will come up.

My writing will become something that is still important to me, but it may not always be my main focus.  However, I think I’m finally okay with that aspect changing some in my life.  I have my blog and I have my various writing that I will do from time to time.  However, the time has come to expand the things I can do from home and bring in the money that is needed to help support my family.

This may include various forays into other areas that I have never thought about taking on, however, if they are something that will help make money, it may be a good choice to consider.  Forgive the generalization of my comments in this post.  But I am trying to make it general enough so that someone else can apply their own needs and wants and desires to the post.

It’s going to be a shared year with many people around you, so keep in mind that at times you will need to bend in your approach to solving those problems.

Happy New Year all, and may it be one that is blessed and successful.

Well Merry Christmas

Christmas has become way too commercialized.  It’s plain and simple this is not a holiday that most people see as celebrating the birth of Jesus anymore, but one where the kids get the presents, Santa brings them or doesn’t, and it’s more about what you get and just how much you spend.

Instead it should be about thanking God for all that He has given us.  But even I this year am having a bit of a problem with this aspect.  Not because of much else besides the fact that I have to questions just how much I have.  Sure I should think of it as I have a life, a son, and friends.  But so much seems to be missing at times, however, it’s my fault not Gods.

However, as a sinner I see this as something different at most times.  It’s that questioning and wondering that will often get us all into trouble.  I guess even though I’m not super happy today I still need to remember that it was on this day that God did give us His son and Jesus would die for our sins eventually.

So I will try and make the most of the rest of my day and not cry about split milk or whatever other problems I have, or at least try and keep it at a minimum.

For those that I am not around this year, I hope that you are having a blast where ever you are, in whatever state, or place you may be in.  Friends and family cheers to all of you and I sure hope it isn’t too cold in those other states 🙂

What a freaking day, life, moment, dimension

Have you ever had one of those days, moments, seconds, weeks, years, lives?  You know the kind that you just wish was a dream, waking from it would be so nice, that kind of time.  For people who have often times you just have to shake your head and plug ahead, hoping that something will break someday, or at least sometime.

As a person who suffers from bipolar or manic depression, these times can seem like they are just horrible.  Life can collapse around you quickly, and you just really can’t do much about it.  The fact that you can’t wake up and change it all is just another thing that you have to wonder if there is someone, somewhere watching and laughing at your times.  It’s like a game or can feel like a game, where everything possible can be thrown at you, and all you have to do is handle it, or try and keep going.

There are a lot of people who will not make it through those times, and even the strongest of us can falter dangerously close to the edge.  It can be hard to tell yourself to just keep going, to leave the pieces all together and not want to just shatter it all apart.  Breaking it all down to nothing bigger than a crumb of salt, a little piece that no one would ever even be able to figure out what it once was.

Yes today is a day where the most dark and dangerous things can come into play.  But the real question is the Faith you have something that will pull you through it all?  Will you be standing at the end of a long day?  Will you be able to say, I have the support I need?  Or will you just feel so alone that no matter if you’ve had support or not you simply want to fade away?

At times it will not be a question of how long you may be able to hold out, but do you really want to make it through even.  Is there anything waiting for you?  Anything that could possibly have you wanting to continue, to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Light can get swallowed up so quickly when facing times that your mind, the devil or anything or anyone else can throw a wrench into your life.

Is there anything left out there?  Is there enough of yourself to cling too and move on?  These will be questions that may be muttered in vain, into the empty air, crying out to God.  Will you get the answers you need or require?


No one but yourself can really answer that.  It will all be something that in the end you will either come through or not.

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