American’s in Egypt

Annoyances and Great Things


One thing we quickly learned when walking in downtown Cairo, was everyone thinks you’re a tourist, and thus they want you to come to their shop.

The usual approach is to tell you that you “look like an Egyptian!” no matter what nationality you are, by the way.  Then you tell them thanks and laugh a bit.

After which they will go one of two ways.  They’ll ask you were you are from, and respond by telling you how much they love that country.  No it’s the money they love, especially if you say America.  You see the dollar exchanges at a really high rate over here.  Right now you can get around 16 pounds to every one dollar.  Not a bad rate of exchange, but these people want to free you from some of that money.

They will then tell you they have a shop, or they want to give you their business card.  You can say no, but they will continue to push it, by telling you they want no money from you.  (Don’t believe this comment, it is a lie)!

We’ve gone back to a few stores, and they will offer you a free sample, but then suddenly that free sample is something that costs you money.  If you get roped into going to a store, just keep telling them Shukrun, but La-ah.  You’re telling them thank you but no.

One guy had provided us with like three scrolls, even though we kept informing him we had no money to spend.  Finally, I told him we had to go meet friends.  He said do you have anything to give my sister she’s getting married.

I pulled out like six pounds that was all I had on me.  And he was offended, we reminded him that we had told him already that we had nothing on us.

We left the store, with one upset Egyptian, and without having spent a cent.

But you have to figure they are only trying to make a living.  We simply avoid them anymore by telling them we are busy and are on our way someplace.  They can still be pushy, but you can’t fall for these things, or you will spend way too much money.  By all means if you want trinkets, check them out!

ON the other hand each morning we visit a guy who has his business two doors down.  We get our breakfast of fool and salita (beans and salad) and spend only 10 pounds.  John always gives him a tip, he’s got amazing beans!

Now remember what I said about the exchange rate?  That’s less than a dollar for two meals that will fill you up.  Of course John gets paid in pounds, not dollars.  So it’s not a great deal, but it’s not bad at all.  We get full and start out the day with a nice meal.  If you are visiting Egypt though and have dollars, you’re getting one hell of a meal for a very inexpensive rate.  By the way GMO’s are banned over here, so you are eating healthy!


Joining in on all the frenzy

I really don’t know how much I like all the different social networking sites there are out there.  It seems like every time you turn around there is a new one to join.  Well you have to join if you want to network, and if like me you are a freelance writer, well you have to market and get your name out there.

So today has seemed like a joining frenzy for me.  Not only do I have my older accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Four square, but I now have many others on top of those.  Will I remember where I’ve joined today?  Hell most likely not, I’ve tried to mark them all as a bookmark, but sometimes I just forget.

Hopefully this frenzy of joining all of these various networks will pay off in the long run, but only time will tell.  I don’t even know if I’ve hit all of the ones I need to join or not.  Oh yeah I’m on linkedin, mashable, review me, and who remembers what the hell else right now!!!

If anyone can think of a good suggestion of another place I may want to join let me know please 🙂

It’s a writing day

Well it’s a day that I really feel like writing, but I’m stuck on a topic I know very little about.  At least that is for my work (work) or the things I get paid to do.  Right so it’s not something that I can necessarily come back to on a later day to fix, but have to peck or club it out on my computer.

My mind is just kind of trying to block it a bit more than I would really like to have.  However, besides that it’s been a fantastic few days.  Something that I cannot say that I’ve had the pleasure of saying very often lately.

I can say that I have realized God is so strong and will truly bless those who take the time to learn more about him.  Wisdom is the key and with that Wisdom your life can be much better.

Anyway I’ve wasted enough time trying to avoid work, it’s about time I start!  🙂

Is there something wrong with this picture

Alright I really do not want to seem prejudiced or anything, but very well could come out sounding just that way.  I get sick and tired of seeing postings for freelance jobs on sites where the person is looking to pay nothing.  When I say nothing, I’m talking about 1 or less for real work.  Articles that are 200 words long, should be paid a minimum of $2, or $1 per 100 words, and that is a low amount.  Not freaking .50 or less, these companies think they are being smart by going with people from other countries to write their articles, and to post it on an English site.  Sorry but you all are getting what you paid for most of the time, a piece of shit article that makes no sense.

Not saying there are not brilliant writers all over the world, but at the rates you are hoping to pay, you are not going to get those writers to work for you.  Hell it’s a tough economy, but do you really want to rip people off and recieve a sub-par article?  Well by looking at several freelance spots I already know this is a Yes for many companies out there.

No wonder people all over the world have a problem with foreigners taking their work from them.  It takes food out of your mouth and the kids you have too.  But that doesn’t matter to most of the companies or individuals who are looking for workers to help them out.

This is not only a problem with freelance writing though, it’s happening all over the world.  Hell look at what Chase Bank did with that loan from the government after 9/11.  You know the money that was supposed to help stimulate the economy in the US, yeah that money.  They used it to build a building over in the Phillipines, where they pay such low rates to the workers it’s shocking.

But a company who is worth this much really does not care, because they increase their profit by paying around 885 dollars a year to a top level employee at this new facility.  Again the one that was paid for by American tax dollars.  Makes no sense, and it’s so much more than that.

Be sure to get ready to read America: Wych coming soon, talks about corruption and things like the above in detail!

Need more work!

Well it seems like I need to find at least one other customer to do articles for. I have the bingo, but the other one’s are lacking highly on the amount of work they are offering. Too many people taking a bit of the pie each mintue, and from all over the world. Makes it a bit harder for someone to make it from home. So if anyone knows of anyone who needs sports, dating, relationships, or many other topics of articles, let me know.

On the other side of the coin, I have been left alone a bit better today, though I got a late start of working. That is a plus, and maybe something that will help me out on my own writing.
Kids, I love my kid, just wanted to add it in there. He really is a good boy!