Just Two American’s in Egypt

Egyptian Adventures


We’ve met great people here.  Some of John’s students and us have hung out, and other friends as well.  One of the best times was the night we had a ride of the Felucca boat (not sure of spelling). dsc_0636

(John on the boat)

It is a boat that you hop on and enjoy music and a bit of dancing, if some people decide to be entertaining.  We’ve seen some really talented dancers on these boats before.  Of course, being on the Nile River is a whole new thing!DSC_0658.jpg

(Yes that is the Nile)

This area is a part of the oldest history known to men.  We’ve walked in places, who knows who else might have been on the same spot.  This is especially true when you visit Hossein.  It’s a very old part of the city.

Yes we walked along the cobblestone that perhaps one year long ago Jesus was on himself!

The city is beautiful.  Hossein has a lot of markets selling various things as well.  If you want it, simply head out doors and you’ll discover it somewhere.DSC_0010 (2).JPG

(Hossein, sorry the pic is sideways)

We got to watch a man as he worked and etched silver with a hammer and his tool.  The artwork was tremendously beautiful.  If I had thought about it I would have taken a picture of it.

My husband travels on the metro to work every day.  The metro is a packed mess of bodies.  IN the summertime it is not suggested by this person, because not everyone has heard of deodorant.  So that can make for some really long and slow smelly trips.

It is always loud here, people are out on the streets, going to work and doing their jobs.  We’ve run across several of the road workers, they work hard to get the trash up that some so carelessly throw down.  One of their barrels of trash once had a hole in it, the worker hadn’t noticed, as he scooped up the trash, it would simply fall back out onto the road.

Even so, his job has to be hard.  I’m not sure why people don’t think about it, but why are they destroying such a beautiful city by strewing their trash all over.

We’ve tried to never throw anything down.  Each of our students will normally get at least one talk about not littering.  Even if it helps just a little bit, I’m proud we’ve tried to pass it on.

It’s a bit harder to come up with stories from Egypt right now.  I’m testing my memory of the past three years.  I’m trying to give you a well-rounded picture of this area.

If I went over every day inch by inch, it would simply be too boring.  However, instead I’m trying to pick out the jewels to show you the best and sometimes the worst of life here in the big and ancient city of Cairo, Egypt.


American’s In The Middle East

Various Dubai Stories


(Stella: Our neighbors kitten)

When we left Tampa, we missed a lot of things.  One of those was our cat.  Our neighbor, who shared the balcony had an amazing kitten.  We got our kitty love in by buying treats and sharing her as a pet, at least a little bit.

So getting back to Dubai.  We still were waiting for the school to give John his residency stamp.  They kept telling him excuse after excuse.  So we needed to decide what to do next.  Honestly, our reserves weren’t a lot and every month we were using our savings, or a big portion, to pay rent.

John had taken his TEFL classes online and had just received the 6 certificates.  With those in hand, I redid his CV, and started to hit every ESL job I could find.

It didn’t take long and we got numerous replies back.  Places in China, The Czech Republic, and Russia were among the choices.  Of course, we had to research the places, and John had Skype interviews.

He was nervous on each interview.  He hadn’t done a whole lot of teaching yet, but of course since that time it’s changed a lot.

There were quite a few offers from China.  We had to admit it was exciting to think of seeing Asia.  It would be another continent, and new territory.

However, as I researched I found a few disturbing things.  The pollution was quite high there.  But more so was the fact that you needed a bachelor’s degree to teach.  The places we talked to had said nothing about this government requirement.

Not only that, but I found reports of teacher’s being arrested who didn’t have the right credentials.  I asked the place we had been dealing with and they simply said, “Don’t worry about the degree we have a way to handle it.”

I worried at that point, and we both decided it wasn’t worth the risk to take any of the offers.  China was off the table.

The Russia interview went okay, but we weren’t excited about the cold weather in Russia.  Thankfully, they didn’t offer him a job.

Another school in Vietnam wanted him as well.  We almost went with that one, I can’t remember the exact reason we said no.  However, another school in the Czech Republic wanted him.  Now this was something we gave serious consideration too.

We had also talked to a school in Egypt by this time.  Though they didn’t offer him a job.  It was implied that when you land, show up and we will hire you.

We were down to the two choices.  In the end the fact we had connections in Egypt made our choice for us.

It was at this point we began packing up and getting ready for another jump.  Off to Egypt and a new world.

On a side note.  I didn’t want to write this part of the story, but it’s only far.  You know how guys find farts so funny.  Well on more than one occasion John or even my son Ryan have farted and left me in the stink.  When someone walks up and smells their not so nice scent, the person thinks it was me.

Have you ever heard of the phrase sweet revenge?  Okay so yes women do sometimes have gas.  One night we were down in the little shop in our building.

We had a few things to buy, and my stomach was feeling somewhat upset.  In my defense I didn’t think it would smell.  But as soon as I allowed the gas to pass, I knew I needed the bathroom.

I turned to John, no smell as of yet, and said, “Hey I have to go up and go to the bathroom.”

He said, “Sure, I’ll be right up.”

When he came upstairs, he told me that the guys at the register had thought it was him.  They had given him dirty looks and mumbled a few things.

You know sometimes things happen.  Ma3lish my habibi!  (Sorry my love).  Come to think of it, I don’t think he’s done the old fart and leave trick since though.

Next time I’ll talk about our arrival in Egypt.  Culture shock and trying to learn how to cross the road!

Cat Bathing Day

Cat Bathing Day

Nothing says fun like the day you give your cat a bath. Thankfully our cat has no claws, so at least we don’t have to suffer from the scratches that a lot of other cat owners do. However, look at that face, this is thankfully after she’s forgiven her humans for the bath. But if you see the slight scrunching of the eyes, this indicates that she is still a bit pissed, trying to figure out, are you giving me another bath? Explicit words form in her mind, and with our cat, she swears she can speak human. Since I’m trying to keep this at least PG rated today, I can not state the words that come out of her mouth as meow’s and other sounds!!!
We love this cat though, she is old and set in her ways, but there is nothing with that, after all we spoil her as much as we can!!
I’d love to hear other tales from people about what their cat does when they bathe them. Oh by the way, our cat can be heard, no doubt about it saying “NO” when the water is running and we bring her into the bathroom. If I remember next time I’ll record her, so you can hear it, it’s cute!