All set up

Ah, took a while to get here today, been busy trying to do numerous other things.  Have some time though since it seems like my guy has been kidnapped once again.  So I will take the time to not do my other work, but to goof off just a bit more.  Yes I know makes no sense for a freelance writer who gets paid by what they do, but everyone needs a break once in a while.

Been a busy day today and one that was semi-productive after the nap that was induced by taking pamprin for back pain.  I hate it, but sometimes we have to take those pills to help out.  On a side note though maybe with a back rub it will feel a bit better, but that again will depend on just when and where and how late I can see my massage person!

Have you ever wondering what motivates people?  You have to at least one time in your life, but their reasons may not be near as clear as they seem.  Just keep in mind that sometimes people will hide the real reasons why they are seeking out your attentions, don’t know if that is something that should be very important or not.  It may just be something that has to do with a few things, or the pain that I am experiencing right now.

So I am so happy that the Packers lost this weekend!!!!  Here are my hopes for the Super Bowl, the niners and the ravens.  Let’s hope!!!


A great weekend

Wow it’s been one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while.  No wait last weekend was just as fun too, must just be the right company!  So anyway this is going to be a short one.  It sucks that the Patriots won, though I am not a Bronco’s fan I would have loved to see them win over Brady and the same old freaking team as always.  I so hope that the Super Bowl is not one that has the Packers against the Pats, it would suck and I wouldn’t even watch it.

That’s my opinion and I know there are a ton of people out there who love both of those teams.  Nothing against anyone, it’s just not the Super Bowl I would like to see.  It would be nice to see 2 new teams in the hunt for the freaking title!

Alright that’s it!


Alright hate to gloat in their loss, but so happy the Packers got it from the Chiefs today.  now I would love for Detroit to win as well, but I’ll have to wait and see.  It’s been a very uneventful day, well at least this afternoon.  The morning was one freaking fantastic one.

Went sort of like this:  Spent time with a special person, had breakfast that was simply amazing, and just got to be around great friends.  How can a weekend day get any better than that?!!

In a nutshell my morning was much like I would like each and every day to be.  Right now I’m deciding whether a nap would be a good idea or not.  Really think it’s something that may be needed, but I’ve been trying to not take naps near as much.  Just feel a bit worn out today, don’t know I thought I slept really good yesterday, but not 100 percent positive.  Might have to just take a short one to recharge and then walk to the store for our needs.

Really today is a bit of a boring post in the long run I don’t have a whole lot to say.  Looking for all of my other work that is somewhere in between my computer and files I’ve kept online, just wish I could find them all someday soon!

Hope it’s a restful day with what is left of Sunday!

For the whole week!

Just got some good news today, client I am working with fired two other people (no not happy for those 2 people), but for the person, me, who now gets the work, Hell yeah I’m happy.

I wish those other people good luck in finding work again though too.  It’s tough not to have much work as a freelance writer.  But I cannot determine on how well other people do their work.  I can only work on mine and make sure I provide quality work for my clients.

So far I must be doing something right, if he felt like he was able to fire other people who were not working well.  Eek, also a bit worried about pulling on too much work as well.  I mean I love making money and all, but have to keep in mind there are just so many hours in the day to do the things I need to do.

Don’t know how football really went, didn’t have the time to watch it this week, or last or the one before.  On a good note though, I have been having a blast on almost every weekend.  Though our new buddy was gone this one, it was still fairly good.  Glad he is back in our fold again!

Well if anyone can do quality work, I may have some side work that needs to be done, let me know! 🙂

Weekend was Great!

It’s been forever since I’ve had a great weekend like this one!  I owe some friends the most highest in thank you’s for helping that happen, You know who you are, all of you!!  Fun walk today to round out the weekend that was all about relaxing, I waited until 2 at night to finally do my work for the day!  So relaxed and just feeling really happy right now.

Sure I’ll do more work tommorrow, got an extra job today for more work and on a very easy subject!  It will help me make up the loss in income that I took a few weeks ago.  though it’s not a long-term drop, it still hurts some too.  Of course that is when you are the only one who is really working in the home.  With a son who wants to take on all the responsibility when he should not have too.

It’s too late now, so it really would not matter if he was to find a job that paid 100,000 or anything at this point.  However, since I’m so freaking nice I’ve let him stay, which for now has me not being happy to come inside.  But tonight when I came in, and after a great talk with a good friend, there is hope beginning anew tomorrow.  Working to get him out and the apartment to just me and Ry’s!

Great to see Detroit win, and to see that I’m set fairly good to possibly win my fantasy game too.  It will all depend on KC Chiefs and my running back I have playing.  Would be nice since I lost but just barely the week before.  Wish Nebraska had won but at least Michigan St. still has that division tied up thanks to kicking Michigan’s ass this year!!

Ah 50K!

So I was bound and determined to get to 50,000 words as quickly as possible, but still have a good story.  Yesterday I sat down with around 8,000 words to go, by the end of the night, in between goofing around outside, and sitting down, I had made it to my goal.  Now I will continue to add to the story, which is still going great, and see how many words I will have by the end of the month!

I have found that this has not been near as hard as I felt it would be, though a few of the days I did not write near as much, my average was a bit over 3,000 words a day.  But I was lucky, because the story and ideas were actually flowing really great, I mean almost as if on automatic overdrive!

Looking forward to paying a bit more attention to football this coming weekend.  I know Detroit got messed up by the Bears this last weekend, but that’s okay, they still are doing great.   Unfortunately Green Bay is still undefeated so I am still losing a beat with a friend about them losing at least one game this year.


It’s Sunday and I’m unmotivated

Even though I am unmotivated I have still accomplished an extra 1,500 words on my book, so I guess I should not be real upset about it.  However, you have to consider that just yesterday or the day before I ripped out about 6 to 8 thousand words.  My goals and challenges are high, and I do that for a reason, I know I can do it.

But what the heck do you do when you simply feel like your mind has turned to mush?  Hell if I know right now, because I’ve taken a walk out in the sun, talked on the phone, talked to people around here, and listened to music.  So far it seems like nothing is getting me back in that mood to start writing.  Well except for here, because I’m bitching about it!

Football is on today, and since I have no TV to watch it on, I’ll just look at the scores later on.  So glad Nebraska beat Penn State, even before the controversy I really didn’t like this team much at all.  Now I know what the bad taste in my mouth was about it.

Hopefully Detroit will beat Chicago today, it will be a nice bonus to a Sunday where I may work very little.  Though I am also trying to help a friend build a web site, and have a few ideas on that so I may waste a bit of time on that whole process too.


Happy Halloween

It’s my favorite day of the year!  I love Halloween, but as of yet I have not dressed up.  Myself I choose the gross and disgusting looks, because I love zombies and horror, I usually just try and dress up like that.  Did it one year for work and got a prize!!!  But today well I’m not sure if I will do anything, hell make-up alone is outrageous to buy.  So is candy, did anyone else notice the cost of those bags to buy this year?

But it is also a day to make sure you check that candy your children get when they go trick or treating.  Do not forget to do this, you never know about people, even if you have lived by them for years.

Football, of course that’s what I love talking about the most, besides writing.  Oh speaking of writing tomorrow is the starting day of November’s month of writing.  I will begin my task of trying to get 50,000 words out in 30 days.

Sad thing is now I have 2 story ideas, and I’m not sure which one to go with.  I think one is a bit better, just because it may give me a chance to add in some humor.  The other idea is a romance, and well I can always do that one later on.  Unless I get a lot of energy drinks and try to get both of them into the contest.  I would say if that was the case, I will not be much of a talker this coming month, or at least I would be a bit crabby, unaware of what I am really saying, and just in general a bit lost!  Oh wait some people may tell you that is how I am currently!

Loved that Detroit won yesterday, sad that Tebow had to be the victim though.  Thanks to the Steelers for shutting down the Patriots for the day!  Loved the come back by the Ravens, impressive, they should have played better before that time though.  Miami, dudes you had that game won, you have to learn to keep those leads.  That team should at least have one win, but well they folded and let Eli pick them apart.

Stanford shows why they are a team that is tough by lasting through 3 long OT’s in a very impressive win as well!  Huskers won, with ease that I really thought would not happen.  Yes I had thought that MSU would put up a bit more of a fight, but I guess playing in Lincoln, you get a bit overwhelmed very quickly!

Not much else, though I could go on for hours I’m sure, want to finish so I can enjoy the fun today!

It’s Time for some Football

I love Sunday’s!!!!  NFL football, watching my fantasy scores and just having a great time.  That’s what it’s all about, this time of the year is often one that I enjoy a lot.  It will be a tough test I think for the Lions today as they face the bronco’s and Tebow. If Denver didn’t have Tim in there I would think the game would actually be a very easy one for Detroit.  But hey they finally got smart and put him in there, sure he may make mistakes, but he has that knack of just doing an awesome job and pulling off wins, just like last week.

Gotta go for Pittsburgh today even though I really don’t like them much, but out of them or New England I have to say they are the lesser of two evils for me.  Should be an interesting week as some teams who have been inconsistent may be able to pull off another win this week, or may find themselves on the losing side again.

Wonder if Miami will win just one game this year too?  It seems like they should have won a few of them, but just fall apart in the end.  But wait before I go into Sunday more, I must say I was a bit surprised the Michigan State didn’t present a bit more of a fight yesterday against the Huskers.  But what can I say Go Big RED!!!!

Alright back to the NFL and what I feel or at least hope will happen this week!  Miami against the Giants, well I don’t think the Dolphins will win this week, same with the Colts they probably will not win either.  The two games besides Detroit that I am waiting to see the results of have to be the Redskins against the Bills.  I think Buffalo will come out on top if they play at the top of their game, but the skins are showing a lot of spark lately, well kind of!

And of course that Browns and niners game, I have to say I would love to see Harbaugh and his team take a loss this week, just to knock them down a few levels from thinking they are the greatest team in the league.  Sure you beat the Lions, but really, let’s see what happens when you face a team that has been playing together well for several years.  Hate to complement the teams here, but when they face Baltimore and Pittsburgh later this year, they won’t stand a chance.  Just saying, not hating on them, but they don’t have what it takes yet either to make it all the way through the year.

One last thing, how many points do you think the Saints will put up against the Rams?  It could be another lovely high scoring fantasy week for my Saint boy’s I have on my team!!!

Have fun and hope your teams win today as long as my team isn’t playing them!!! 🙂

I love working from home

It’s so nice to be able to work at home.  But really I wish I was a bit more motivated a lot of the time.  I could most likely make a lot more money, if I could only learn to market my blogs a bit better, and maybe even post some of my things for free so people can read the stories or poems that I come up with.

However, at times a lot of them are things that I am not sure people would really understand fully.  Or perhaps it’s just the fear of someone saying, wow that sucks.  LOL, hey some of my stuff though is quite a bit different.  But writing your own things will not always bring in money very quickly.  Though I do have several books listed on my LULU account, as well as some cheap one’s I’ve posted on Amazon, that cost less than 1 dollar to download.  It’s cheap and almost free, so if I could just learn how to get people into that spot where they can see it and say, hell I’ll try a read for .99 cents!

Simple enough, right?  Not really I guess I just enjoy the fact of being able to write more than I can decide on how to market.  Perhaps one day I will find a way to be able to afford someone who will help me market my things!

Back to football for a few seconds, even though Baltimore had a horrible game last night I pulled out my 4th victory in Fantasy Play!  Very happy about that and hope that it will continue so I can slowly make it to the top few people who will make it into the playoffs!


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