I am a freelance writer, which means I do a lot of different things.  Though I can write on many topics I do have favorites that are much easier to get done.  Things like dating and relationships, sports, parenting, lifestyles, writing, and many other topics rate among the things I LOVE to talk about.

But get me into a computer technical area and I lose all sense of knowledge.  I am not a person who can tell you this is how you need to do this or set this up.  I ask others for help in that case and generally I am still a slow learning if it’s too much for me to handle.

I have a son who is old and making me older!  Don’t all kids give you the fun of stress but joy as well in your life?  I agree that I would never change the fact that I have a son and have been a single mother for many years of his life!

I do dabble in my own work as well, and have some books up not only on Lulu.com, but on Amazon that you can purchase for very little money.  Currently besides working as a freelancer I am trying to put together a few different books to submit to a publisher.

That’s about all there is to really know about me!


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