American’s in Egypt

Awesome dishes to try Egypt

One thing I’ve noticed about Egypt, is the food is absolutely wonderfully delicious. If you love food, you’ll left Egypt. From mouthwatering desserts, too fabulous main meals, they have it all here.

I am a lover of sweets, there are so many delicious sweets here, that I could easily weigh over 300 pounds, if I wasn’t careful. From konofa, basboosa, bella le shem, and many others. All of the sweets are simply amazing.

One of the best things I’ve noticed about Egypt, is that there are no GMOs here. That’s right there outlawed, it’s amazing to me that this is still allowed in the US. I guess Monsanto’s money must line a lot of congressmen’s pockets.

Another thing we’ve noticed, is how friendly the people really are here. You know the Western newspapers always like to say how lawless, unfriendly, and other things that Middle Eastern people are. However, we found none of that here. In fact, if you see someone wearing a shirt that you really like and you comment on it, chances are they’ll offer to give you the shirt. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen happen in the states.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games, what place really could be. You still run into people who try to charge more because your foreigner, and they think you are rich.

But honestly in the long run, we’ve had this happen very few times. Most of the people we meet our honest and straightforward with this. We met people who we now consider family, because they would do anything to help us, and we would do anything to help them.

If you want to see the world, Egypt is a great place to start. Civilization has been around forever, and like I said before you can find places where Jesus and his disciples walked during their time in this very place.

The traffic is crazy, you play father crossing the street no doubt. But you get used to it, just like any other adjustments that you have to make. Although currently prices are going up due to inflation, I still think it’s a cheap place to live.



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