Just Two American’s in Egypt

Egyptian Adventures


We’ve met great people here.  Some of John’s students and us have hung out, and other friends as well.  One of the best times was the night we had a ride of the Felucca boat (not sure of spelling). dsc_0636

(John on the boat)

It is a boat that you hop on and enjoy music and a bit of dancing, if some people decide to be entertaining.  We’ve seen some really talented dancers on these boats before.  Of course, being on the Nile River is a whole new thing!DSC_0658.jpg

(Yes that is the Nile)

This area is a part of the oldest history known to men.  We’ve walked in places, who knows who else might have been on the same spot.  This is especially true when you visit Hossein.  It’s a very old part of the city.

Yes we walked along the cobblestone that perhaps one year long ago Jesus was on himself!

The city is beautiful.  Hossein has a lot of markets selling various things as well.  If you want it, simply head out doors and you’ll discover it somewhere.DSC_0010 (2).JPG

(Hossein, sorry the pic is sideways)

We got to watch a man as he worked and etched silver with a hammer and his tool.  The artwork was tremendously beautiful.  If I had thought about it I would have taken a picture of it.

My husband travels on the metro to work every day.  The metro is a packed mess of bodies.  IN the summertime it is not suggested by this person, because not everyone has heard of deodorant.  So that can make for some really long and slow smelly trips.

It is always loud here, people are out on the streets, going to work and doing their jobs.  We’ve run across several of the road workers, they work hard to get the trash up that some so carelessly throw down.  One of their barrels of trash once had a hole in it, the worker hadn’t noticed, as he scooped up the trash, it would simply fall back out onto the road.

Even so, his job has to be hard.  I’m not sure why people don’t think about it, but why are they destroying such a beautiful city by strewing their trash all over.

We’ve tried to never throw anything down.  Each of our students will normally get at least one talk about not littering.  Even if it helps just a little bit, I’m proud we’ve tried to pass it on.

It’s a bit harder to come up with stories from Egypt right now.  I’m testing my memory of the past three years.  I’m trying to give you a well-rounded picture of this area.

If I went over every day inch by inch, it would simply be too boring.  However, instead I’m trying to pick out the jewels to show you the best and sometimes the worst of life here in the big and ancient city of Cairo, Egypt.


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