American’s in Egypt

Learning to play real life Frogger


Crossing the streets in Egypt is no easy task.  Watch video’s online of the traffic and you’ll understand.  It’s quite the shock for people from the Western world too.

You have to time it right, because people won’t stop and simply let you cross the road.  Now we are just fine crossing the roads, but not at first.

The first hundred times or so, you’re quite worried you’ll be hit by the tons of cars rushing by.  You hold hands and try to make sure no one in your party gets hit as well.

Now we have a system to crossing.  We watch and pick the right place to decide to cross.  I’m honestly shocked I’ve only seen one person hit by a car since we’ve been here!

We walk everywhere though, yes sometimes we use the metro, but not too much.  So you need to find that part inside of you that doesn’t care about danger.

There are times when we simply walk through the cars, without a care in the world.  Though John still tells me to hurry up and not get run over.

People here are friendly, as long as they aren’t behind the wheel of a car.  Texting here is just fine while you drive.  We’ve seen some accidents, but amazingly not many.

There are red lights, but not all drivers stop for those, so you can’t even count on that as a way to cross the road.  Again, you get used to it and learn how to cross without help.

The trick is to simply step out and walk like you don’t care.  Or to walk at the same time as another person.  Perhaps it is the thought of hitting two people that make some slow down!

Anyway we walked downtown when we first got here, and found some amazing stores.  Many little shops will sell clothes and other items, and you can try and talk them down on the prices!

There is a market near our home that sells all sorts of things.  Clothes, fruit, kitchen utensils, and many other items.  We’ve met several people down there.

Now we deal with certain sellers, the ones who’ve dealt well with us in the past!  We get all our fruit from there, you can get some great deals on fresh produce.

No one is ever mean to us, they don’t try and convert us to their religion.  They have never tried to harm us, no beheadings, nothing.  Not like the people in the West are told can happen.

Believe me when I tell you, that you’ve been lied too about this part of the world.  What I offer you is a firsthand experience of two American’s living in the Middle East.  If you choose to continue to believe the lies you’ve been told over my experience, well it means you’re just deeply brainwashed.

I would suggest that everyone who thinks a religion is so violent, they come and visit Egypt.  You’ll find out the story is quite different here.


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