Gringo’s in the Middle East

Egypt Here we come


Last time I told you of the process of finally deciding our next stop.  So we booked a flight to Cairo, Egypt and packed up our bags.

We had a friend pick us up at the airport.  It was small and honestly, we weren’t one hundred percent sure what to expect.

Our friend had told us it was a huge culture shock.  Also that it was full of crazy drivers and there was trash on the streets.

Crossing the roads would be a challenge that we would have to get the hang of as well.

So we come out of the airport to find our friend’s waiting for us.  Getting into the cab, we were full of excitement and wonder.  It was another new city we had never seen before!

Okay so if you’ve never ridden in a taxi in Egypt, you’ll be like me.  You’ll watch out the window and almost have a heart attack!

Three lane roads are turned into four or five lanes of traffic.  People pull out in front of others and its utter chaos, well it looks that way to the observer.

More than one time I flinched as our driver cut off someone, coming rather close to hitting another vehicle.

“Don’t look out the window!”  That’s my advice to anyone coming to Egypt.  You’ll do much better if you simply look out the front window, well most times!

The city if beautiful, and even beneath the dirt and garbage that is carelessly thrown about by locals, you’ll see its true wonder.

Really, the architecture here is wonderful.  Some, well a lot, of buildings need repair.  However, you can still imagine what it was like several years back.  Too see Egypt in that glory would have been truly a wonderful experience.

We got back to our flat and unpacked.  All of us were a bit thirsty, so we walked to a koosk around the corner.  It was a bit sad to see the amount of trash lying in the streets.

The smell in the summer can be quite bad, but you know to avoid the large piles.  Experience will teach you a lot of things when you live here.

Trust me, we love it here.  It may not sound like it by this description.  But truly, through the stories I’ll share you’ll see what Egypt can be like to the foreigner.

John teaches and loves it.  I work from home.  Normally, I’m writing romances, but right now I’m focusing on this blog more.

I guess what I hope to share is not only our experiences.  But to maybe open up a few eyes.  The stories you hear about this part of the world are often made up and not true.  The people here have been quite amazing.  Through the coming weeks, I’ll highlight a few of our adventures.  Mention some of the good and bad things we’ve seen as well as the fun times we’ve had.


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