More Americans in the Middle East

More Fun in Dubai


So John is now teaching part-time at this school, and each day he travels via the metro.  By the way the metro in Dubai is clean and amazing.  I mean spic and span clean!

One day he was on his way to work and he heard this loud American woman.  She was older, dressed in a very gaudy dress, as he called it.

She was with her husband, Earl, who was very hard of hearing.  This John knew because she kept yelling, “Isn’t that right Earl?”  Or something to that tune.

So they were busy talking to someone else on the metro, and the guy looked like he wanted to bolt.  But of course he’s stuck on the train until his stop.


(She was wearing something like this!)

For some reason they spotted John, so the loud lady and her deaf husband come over to him.  John is standing there his folder in hand, thankfully his English book was not showing.  He had his sunglasses on and was just wanting to get to work.

“Hello, how are you?”  The loud lady asked him.

John looks at her dumbly and acts like he can’t understand a thing.  Now in his defense, she was discussing all kinds of physical ailments with the other guy on the train.  From how she had puss on her leg in one area, and so on!

Finally, he says, “Spreckhen de Deutsch?”  (Sorry for any misspellings).

She looks at him for a minute and turns to Earl, “Never mind Earl he doesn’t speak English.”

Earl comments back, “Huh?”

“He’s not English!”  She yells, as she’s leading him back to the other guy they had been talking too.

John says the guy was looking like he wanted to run again, but there were no places to hide from them.

Earl says once more, “Huh?”

“He doesn’t speak English, he’s one of those Nazi fellows.”  She yells loud enough for the whole train to hear.

“Oh okay.”  Earl finally says.

John was very happy that the next stop was his, as he tried to hold in his laughter.  He’d successfully avoided these two people.

Needless to say I died laughing when I heard the story later on that night.  I think it was one of the funniest things ever.

Next time, my embarrassing story and how I made John even more embarrassed!  It will be hard to write, but honestly I think I die laughing every time we talk about it to this day.




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