American’s in Dubai!

The Job Hunt


So as I said we found our flat, expensive, but it gave us a home base.  Now it was about more applying for jobs and seeing what John could find.


(Ski Dubai- they had penguins!)

I can’t even begin to tell you how many applications I sent out for him.  With over 20 years in the collection field, and banking, how could something not come through?

Finally, after several months he had a call from a guy.  The interview was in another part of town.  Let me tell you GPS is horrible in Dubai, and Egypt too, but I’ll save that for later!

John and I set out together, hoping that between the two of us we could find the place.  We were still late, the directions they gave us were horrible.  But thankfully, we found it.

The interview was horrible.  They wanted John, it was a collection agency.  They knew he would collect debt for them in great bounds, however, they didn’t want to pay.

The amount of pay he offered John wouldn’t even cover our rent.  What about food?  Not only that, but the guy painted a dim picture of job chances for John in Dubai.

Though we considered the job, after all it was something.  In the end, I told John that we would surely find another place that would pay him better.  I’ve sent out hundreds of applications by this time.

Well to make things worse, in the middle of the search John got injured.  We had decided to go buy or usually Ramen noodles (that was about all we could afford), and an accident happened.

There was a rock that we stepped up on several times before to get to the store.  This time when John stepped on it, the rock shifted and as I watched in horrified agony, he came dropping down on the pavement.

He hit the edge of the concrete platform and laid there.  I couldn’t have saved him from falling, and felt helpless. When he could finally move he was in great pain.

We didn’t have coverage for him, but he was sure he’d bruised or cracked his ribs.  Later we would verify they had been cracked.  But for now he would have to deal with the pain, using aspirin as his only pain killer.

I have to give it to him, he still went out every day and handed out his CV.  This man is amazing.  If it had been me, I’m sure I would have been crying in pain not moving.

Our break came when I received an email from a school.  They were looking for part-time teachers.  Though it was for me, we knew he would be the better teacher.

Both of us went to the place.  It was easier to find!  Thank goodness!

He wowed them in the interview and got called back for a second one.  They offered him a part-time job.  Unfortunately it didn’t mean we still didn’t need to make visa runs.  I had meant to talk about that in this blog, but will hit it next time around.

However, he now had some money coming in.  The best thing was he found out that he loved to teach.  The stress of this job was a lot less than any he had before.  It was nice to see him enjoying his job finally.

Though they only gave him a few classes, and it still didn’t pay all the rent.  But they had promised him full-time in the near future, and that included his residency.  Mine we could get after he had his, the husband can sponsor the wife!

Next time the trips to Oman every 30 days to renew our visa.  The hassle and struggle of choosing how to do it the first time.  The great amazing friends we met on our very first trip, and more!


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