American’s in the Middle East

Dubai, Not on a Dime

One thing I can definitely tell you is that Dubai is not a cheap place to live.  When we first got there we rented a hotel room.  We didn’t know the area and where to look for a flat.

We had to get phones, our old sim cards didn’t work from the states.  This was one of our first tasks, even before finding a flat.  Thankfully, the hotel had a van that would take us for free and pick us back up.  The mall was huge, and we had a lot of fun.  Even got our phones working!

Here are a few pictures from the mall!



After a month in the one place I located a cheaper option, but still a hotel.  We would buy food at one of the local grocery stores.  They were close enough and it helped us learn at least that part of town.

Still after another month, we were not sure where to make our home.  So we rented yet one more hotel room.  The hotels were all nice, they had pools, which is great in Dubai!

I was looking online to see if I could find a place for us.  One thing I noticed is that many of the places were not available for just anyone.  A lot of Indians like renting only to Indians, and so on.  This made it a bit harder to find a place to live.

Another thing was that it was expensive!  We thought we had found a place, even put money down on it.  However, it was too far away from most places where John might work.  That and they failed to fix things in the apartment that needed to be done.

It was only a verbal agreement.  So when we told them we wanted to cancel they were not too happy, but gave us half of our money back.  We had to involve a friend and the police to get the other portion back, but one more visit to the middle of nowhere and we had our funds back.

We finally located a place in Tecom.  It was a nice location, but only a bedroom and a bathroom were ours.  The kitchen was shared with three other rooms, or a total of five people in our case.

Our roommates weren’t very clean which attracted roaches to the flat.  When we go into the kitchen they would scatter.  That was not fun.  Again this place was expensive, the equivalent of $1250 US dollars.  Far too much for a little place, but it was actually cheap compared to what we had been looking at!

Now we just had to find John a job, and then I could start working online again.  Those are one of the benefits of being a freelance writer, working from anywhere.

Next time, learn about our trip to Oman to renew our visa.  When we met some great friends from the UK, and more!





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