The Middle East As an American

Continue of Dubai

Before we moved to Dubai as I said many people thought we were crazy and that we wouldn’t be safe.  They claimed that we wouldn’t be able to attend church.  That I would have to be completely covered up when dressed, i.e. no shorts whatsoever.

Well I can tell you that there are plenty of churches to attend in Dubai, and we did go.  We were no harassed in anyway because we were Christian.  In fact, along the street to the many churches you found people selling food.  It was cheap and good, we bought some and had a rather nice meal on the walk.

So all those claims that you can’t be a Christian and go to church were simply propaganda, and lies.  Imagine that!  Western propaganda at its best trying to create fear among the population.  They’ve done a great job of it.

Moving onto shorts, you know what I wore them outside.  They weren’t short-shorts, but ones that came down to my knees.  They were fine and no one said anything to me about them.  Again another lie that is told about this part of the world.

My husband and I are the type of couple who like to hold hands when we walk.  Well this was one thing we could not do in the country, unless we wanted to possibly be fined.

So we still held hands from time to time and didn’t get caught.  Yes we were lucky.  But honestly, with everything we enjoyed was well worth the one thing we were not able to do.

Next time I’ll talk about our Visa renewal trips, fun times, and people we met along the way.  Possibly a few embarrassing times as well.  Along with our search for a place to live in a very expensive country.


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