Life as an American in the Middle East

Moving forward a bit from Dubai.  Next blog I’ll go back to that story.  Unfortunately, the same night as that blog I had a stroke.  This has made it very difficult to type.  The left side of my body has become weakened.  My typing speed is down from 120 words per minute to possibly 20 to 30 with many mistakes.

So I had my second ever visit to an Egyptian hospital.  The first time was when I was coughing up blood.  Yes, if I’m sick I go all out!

This will be a short entry.  As I get better I will add in many more adventures.  I have a ton from Dubai, and even more from Egypt.  However, for now this was more therapy, addled with frustration.

Cheers to everyone and remember we are never promised tomorrow!  Please be patient in the following week with me.  I do have a lot of information to share.  It will allow you to see how life really is in the Middle East for two middle-aged Americans.


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