Wow, Long time no write

I swear, I’ve said it before, I need to blog more often.  But for some reason, I’ll be good for a bit, and then I fall right off again, and I sit here and wonder why?  It may be because my life is a bit boring, or at least I feel that sharing certain aspects of my everyday life really won’t be quite entertaining as it should be, so why write about it.  However, there are some days where things happen that are just so darn funny, and I guess maybe I should share those.

It just so happens that at times the things that take place are told to me by a friend and well, I guess I just laugh for too damn long and by the time I’m done, I forget to write it down.  However, here I want to try and remember a few of those things.

Keep in mind I can’t really disclose where he works, because I don’t want to get him in trouble.  But lets just say he gets call from people all day long, people who haven’t paid their bills.  The funny thing is the reasons why some of them don’t pay the bills, and thus they want to have more time.

One example is a person who had an unexpected expense and lost the payment, he gambled too much money in Vegas.  Doesn’t seem unexpected, but merely stupid.

Another person called in to see if they could get an extension for their payment, their reason, “my father died”.  Okay this would be a good reason, however, looking in the notes, my man saw the father died the year before.  So on top of his job he asked was that your father, or maybe your spouses father?  Giving the person the benefit of the doubt.  But when they said it was their father, and that’s exactly what the notes stated from the year before.  Well let’s just say it becomes obvious that the person is lying, and who knows what they spent their money on.

How about the person who called in and said, “I got 4 words for you, Obamacare.”  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that one word, and what the hell does this have to do with their payments.  Especially since it was three months before you even had to buy the insurance.

However, my favorite that I can recall right now was a recent call.  He tells me that the person is calling in because they had to get an extension.  Again he has to ask why this is needed.  “Well someone died in my family, they were shot, and we still have the body in the house.”  Wait, that’s all I needed to hear.  How long was the body there?  What the hell?  It was just too much, I can’t even imagine what the hell this family is doing with this body in the house, did the person just get shot, are the police really slow to come.  But better yet, if it did just happen, why in the hell are you calling about a bill that you need to pay?

When I can think of more I’ll be back, and yes I’ll try and find out more of these entertaining calls, and perhaps even about some of the stupid stuff that goes on around here.

Take care, and hope you laugh at least once!


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