Getting run over

This is an event that took place the night of August 13th of this year. My boyfriend and I were taking a walk, it wasn’t a long walk, just to the local Publix grocery store. It was around 9:30 at night, he was wearing jeans and a white shirt, I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt ( I think my shirt was gray).

We had just gone by 7-11, and were crossing an intersection around where old Memorial goes up towards Mohr. This intersection is one where there is a stop sign, but the driver of a 2001 Lexus decided that night she didn’t need to stop. Instead she wasn’t even looking towards us, but up the road to see if there were any vehicles coming and if there weren’t she was planning on not stopping and driving through the intersection. Thus breaking one law of not stopping at a stop sign.

However, little known to her was the fact that there were a couple of people crossing that intersection, in the crosswalk. Since she had not looked our way she kept driving and my boyfriend was struck and went on top of the car, bounced, hit the fender and fell to the ground. My right foot got ran over by her car, it didn’t feel good at all needless to say.

She stopped her car, jumped out and goes “oh my god I didn’t see you guys.” I was not too happy at that moment so I did state a few choice words to her.

My boyfriend was picking himself up off the ground and trying to get over to me. I was rolling around in pain on the road, screaming, my foot, my foot, it’s broken.

She asked if we were okay, to which I replied “no my foot is broken.”

I had to go to the bathroom, so I asked my boyfriend if he would help me get over to 7-11 to go. We told her where we were going and that he would be right back.

It was no more than five minutes before he was back outside and she had left. Instead of pulling over to the publix parking lot like she had stated she would, and then wait for the cops.

I was in 7-11 sitting on a chair, crying, trying to get through the pain. The ambulance, and paramedics showed up, asked me questions begun to look at my foot.

Also around this time the police stepped inside and I told them quickly what happened. I said, she didn’t even stop, she just kept going she hit us. He went up over the hood, can you please check to make sure he is okay.
I stated this comment to the firefighters, and paramedics as well. John went up on the hood, you need to check him out, please, he is hurt too.


I get to the hospital they find out I have 2 broken toes, I am still currently awaiting the results on an MRI, because there is a lot of pain that isn’t explained by just the broken toes. Of course getting run over by a vehicle isn’t going to feel great.


Getting the police report I find out that none of our comments are on their. Nothing is stated about what I told the cops, or that John was hit and injured either.

He was seen at the hospital that night and had back strain and whiplash. The whiplash has led to problems with his concentration and memory.


However, since the cop did a half-assed job of putting his report together it appears that no one knew John was hit that night. This is an out and out lie, they were told several times, not just by me, but by John and by a few witnesses who saw everything that took place. But it’s funny to note that none of the comments from people who saw the accident are listed on the police report either.

What is wrong with the police force when they can’t do the job correctly the first time around. It took him almost a full week before he even tried to make contact with the driver to begin with.

Hell if we would have been injured worse or killed, would they have let her go all together. Because in essence they are allowing a person who did hit two pedestrians to keep driving and not get into trouble.

Oh she did get charged with Careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident, however is that enough?

I don’t think so, it’s not right what is going on and the police report needs to be changed, corrected to the way it should be. John was hit, he went onto the top of the car and hit the fender, falling to the ground.

Just because he didn’t hit his head and wasn’t unconcsious doens’t mean it didn’t happen. It did.

Calls will be made to the police office, again, I called him last night but he was gone for a week. To correct that report, if I find no cooperation at his level, I will then go above his head to a supervisor, or who ever I need to discuss this with.

The name of the witness is: Jay Berman, 7417 Seagull Way, Tampa Florida, 33615.


There were other people who were sitting with Jay who’s name we did not get, but they also saw what happened and are more than willing to give their comments to the cops.


Justice is not being done here, but it will be. This may have to go to the news media as well. It seems like everyone is trying to protect a driver who doesn’t deserve it.


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