It’s been a while

So it’s been a huge length of time since my last post.  However, The unbalanced discovery boosts the unseen blast.  That’s right, it’s time for a test blog and a new addition at  If you love my work, as few times as it comes out anymore you can catch me in several places.  I have been busy trying to work and make money in other ways, not with writing, but other ways.  One such job I’ve taken on is telemarketing, and I really suck at it.

But life leads me back to writing and her I am once again.  I do hope that I will keep finding a bit of inspiration to at least post occasionally if not every day of the week.  Though I have noticed that my K is sticking on my keyboard now, and after I’ve noticed that it seems that every other word about has a k in it.

Talk about a stroke of genius!  If anyone knows where there might be more writing available, or even some part-time accounting work let me know.  I have skills, and I don’t mind using them :).  There are other things in line for me coming up as well, but they are just beginning so at present I will not go into much detail.  Until next time tallyho!


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