All set up

Ah, took a while to get here today, been busy trying to do numerous other things.  Have some time though since it seems like my guy has been kidnapped once again.  So I will take the time to not do my other work, but to goof off just a bit more.  Yes I know makes no sense for a freelance writer who gets paid by what they do, but everyone needs a break once in a while.

Been a busy day today and one that was semi-productive after the nap that was induced by taking pamprin for back pain.  I hate it, but sometimes we have to take those pills to help out.  On a side note though maybe with a back rub it will feel a bit better, but that again will depend on just when and where and how late I can see my massage person!

Have you ever wondering what motivates people?  You have to at least one time in your life, but their reasons may not be near as clear as they seem.  Just keep in mind that sometimes people will hide the real reasons why they are seeking out your attentions, don’t know if that is something that should be very important or not.  It may just be something that has to do with a few things, or the pain that I am experiencing right now.

So I am so happy that the Packers lost this weekend!!!!  Here are my hopes for the Super Bowl, the niners and the ravens.  Let’s hope!!!


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