Believe in Me

Have you ever heard the song by Staind?  Believe in Me, is an amazing song, and one that says so much about my life right now.  If only the right person would continue to believe I know that I could prove others wrong.  Well maybe not prove others wrong, but at least offer something that wasn’t the same as everything else.

Not just a song that talks about how this one person can change things around for themselves, but for others.  Actually in all reality we all have this power if used correctly.  Okay so I’m a bit off base today, it’s been a long day already and one that has been filled with running around and doing stuff that I may not have wanted to do, but had too.

Side note time:  Why do kids never think about money the same way as adults????  WTF, my air was on 60, yes 60, seriously, I hate being cold, but my boy loves it.  I am so going to whip his ass….No don’t call child services on me, he won’t be hurt badly!!!

So anyway check out the song Believe by Staind and if you love it let me know too!  🙂


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