Woo 2nd Post of the Day!!

Wow, 2 posts in one day, this doesn’t happen very often.  But truthfully I don’t know what kind of accomplishment it is or not.  Since I haven’t done much else besides the other post, this one and very little else I still feel like the day was basically wasted.  But in the long run I have to consider the fact that I now have a place that contains one less person.

It’s quiet here, well at least as quiet as I want it to be.  The music is now going up to a level that I can enjoy it if I want too!   Though I may miss a few phone calls here and there if they come at times when I don’t expect them!  LOL….

Is it joy, or relief or a combination of many things in my heart right now?  I think it’s a combination of them all with a few other things that are sitting there and just kind of mixing with the ideas of what I can now hopefully accomplish.

Thank you God for helping me see this all through!!


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