Often times people just don’t take the time to say thank you.  Not just to those around us who do something little, or to God for the larger things in life as well.  I’ve tried to begin to say thank you each day of my life, and several times each day as well, thank you.  A simple couple of words, that to someone could mean a lot.

Take for example the person who is working in a 7-11 or something, you know they may hate their job and may not want to be there.  But if you are nice to them, even if they are rude, normally they may stop and think, wait.  Just tell them “Thank you and have a good day”.  It may be tough to do, but it will allow you to move on through the rest of your day with a little less negative energy.

Negative energy is a killer, and the more you let it in, the worse your day will become.

Thank you God for all those wonderful things in my life 🙂  Hope you all have a great day.


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