We all go through changes in one way or another.  Sometimes we choose to change and at other times we are made to adapt.  I know someone who is great at adapting and they have helped me learn that at times you just need to take it as is, and keep on going.

At our household it is a time for change and this will be a huge one.  It will be one that may be a bit frightening, but I have no doubt, with the right Friends, it will be made a lot more simple.  Before we begin this journey together though, let me say thanks to begin with, and I couldn’t have done it alone.

Great friends are hard to come by and I thank God for the one’s that I have.  I love you all, whether I’ve not had a good conversation with you in a while or not.  I am looking forward to a new life, one that will hopefully be a better one, and one that I can share the same wisdom as I have gained through the years.




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