In Apology

Sometimes we just have to take a second to say we are sorry.  We may have done something that was not meant to come across like it did, but in the end it did.  It may have meant to have been something that seemed so simple to accomplish at first, but when the time came to pull through and do it just right, we fail miserably.

If you’ve ever been there before you’ll know what I’m talking about.  It could be in the form of a call, just to hear someone, and to really honestly tell them to have fun.  But you realize instantly just how much you miss the fact that they are not with you.  And instead of being all graceful, you instead begin to weep like a baby.

Knowing that this causes the other person pain, you try and stop, but just can’t do it, because you can’t help it.  Perhaps it was a meltdown of some kind.  Or maybe just some weird connection that made you lose it for just a second, and wonder, “Are they thinking of me like I am them?”

Or maybe it’s the stupidity you feel when you realize you’ve left yourself once again standing in front of the same person naked emotionally.  Either could cause the reaction of who knows what, I don’t.

But in the long run the fact is that you’ve made a fool of yourself once again, and alas you end the New Year with yet another time when you felt like a dumb ass.


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