Happy New Year

First off Happy New Year to all who read this post!!!!  Hope it’s a great 2012 for everyone, I have a feeling for me it’s all open at my fingertips and just waiting for me to grab it and make the right moves to keep it all going great!  There are so many of us out there who fear the change of new things and along with the change to another year that fear can well up inside of you quite deeply.  But if you take that fear on and you head it off and don’t let it conquer your mind, you’ll be much further each day you wake up than you have ever been in your life.

One of the things many people do during this time of the year is make a resolution for something they plan on doing or accomplishing for the New Year.  Something like losing weight, quitting smoking or various other general statements often flood out of people’s mouth quickly.  But really this challenge will give you a bit of time to think.  Really think about what you truly want to accomplish this coming year.


For me the list is many, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t all be part of one plan, because it is.  Part of the plan to make sure that this coming year is one that I will not only be able to hold my head up high and say I did it.  But this year I will be saying I did it right this time around, or that is what I would love to be able to say in a year’s time when the next year comes up and another celebration will come up.

My writing will become something that is still important to me, but it may not always be my main focus.  However, I think I’m finally okay with that aspect changing some in my life.  I have my blog and I have my various writing that I will do from time to time.  However, the time has come to expand the things I can do from home and bring in the money that is needed to help support my family.

This may include various forays into other areas that I have never thought about taking on, however, if they are something that will help make money, it may be a good choice to consider.  Forgive the generalization of my comments in this post.  But I am trying to make it general enough so that someone else can apply their own needs and wants and desires to the post.

It’s going to be a shared year with many people around you, so keep in mind that at times you will need to bend in your approach to solving those problems.

Happy New Year all, and may it be one that is blessed and successful.


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