I have a friend

I don’t know just thought this title was a good one today.  Kind of can lead down a trail of little stories if I so choose too.  But it’s also something that you’ve most likely heard at least one time in your life.  Either you’ve said it or you’ve heard it stated.  you know that time when the old saying how it goes and all.  “I have a friend who told me once”  or something like that, and a lot of times it’s a great story.

But there are times when those stories just don’t come to completion.  For this time around I’m putting my son Ryan on the burner, because this was so funny.  Just last night we were sitting around with yet another couple of our friends, and we were talking.  Sure we were feeling pretty good too, but we were talking and Ryan gets all serious and starts telling this story that he thinks is funny.

So keep in mind I’m sick and I’ve been coughing, and something he said just started me laughing but than I got into a coughing fit.  So he’s getting all upset because I’m stopping his story.  Not that I meant too, but I coughed again, and maybe a couple more times.  But finally I had to tell him to stop because what I wanted to say was so much more interesting than what he was saying and where he was leading too.   YES I know that was rude of me, but the funny thing is his story was so blah, that we didn’t even know he had gotten to the punch line, the 20 mins later when we were done laughing about what I had said and he was able to finish his story.

At that point, we were like “That’s IT”  Really that was it, and he told both of us, yeah but when I first thought of it the story was funny, but once you stopped coughing and laughing it wasn’t funny any more.  So why tell it????  It was worth the time because we laughed over it for quite some time.


Sorry Ryan, but you had to share this one with me since it was more about you than anything 🙂  Love you


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