Did you ever?

What a loaded question that could be, did you ever?  Did you ever have a bad day?  Did you ever find life too complicated?  Did you ever love?  Did you ever hate?  Really think about all of the questions you can come up with when thinking about this one beginning phrase.

Hell on most of the questions I come up with it’s usually a yes.  Not just the one’s that are above either, but the one’s that are now running through my head.  Yes I have that problem, where you start thinking of something and you get distracted too often to really know exactly what you may be thinking.  You had to notice this if you’ve ever read one of my blogs already.  I do not ever go in a straight line, or if I do, well it’s amazing.

Jumping around is just natural for my mind, it’s already wondering what I’m going to do after I’m finished with this blog.  It never sits still for very long, perhaps the reasons for my medicines :).

But anyway I was just in a did you ever mood today.  And the great thing about it is right now I am being lead a bit by the music I am listening too as well.  Right now is “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden.  Fabulous song and great group, but it’s a bit dark thus my mood or questions will often go to that side of the mind.

What is the worst thing I’ve ever done?  Wow, do I really want to share this with people I don’t even know?  Seriously would you?  Sorry can’t share this on grounds that it would incriminate me in some things I don’t want to admit too.  But I have done bad things just like everyone else out there in the world.

No I have never killed a person just so you know.  I may write horror and some scary shit, but I’ve never done any of it.  My mind is just full of ideas that seem really odd and scary at some points and that is what I feed off of to get my stories.  That and songs of course.

I have developed a cold or my allergies are really affecting me today as well.  So I have taken allergy medicine on top of my already countless medicines, so I am also a bit loopy to go along with everything else.

Yes this day will be one that is filled with jumping all over the freaking place, and many other adventures.  Though to tell you the truth those adventures would be so much more fun if the right person or people (you know who you are) were home right now instead of doing the right thing and working 🙂

Was that too direct, or still disguised enough so no one but us will know?  Sorry just messing with you!  I know your going to smack me when you get here 🙂

Sorry folks told you it was going to be a weird day.  that last bit was for someone who will know and just them 🙂  Have a great day and next time I post I will try and stick to one place, yeah not really :p


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