Well Merry Christmas

Christmas has become way too commercialized.  It’s plain and simple this is not a holiday that most people see as celebrating the birth of Jesus anymore, but one where the kids get the presents, Santa brings them or doesn’t, and it’s more about what you get and just how much you spend.

Instead it should be about thanking God for all that He has given us.  But even I this year am having a bit of a problem with this aspect.  Not because of much else besides the fact that I have to questions just how much I have.  Sure I should think of it as I have a life, a son, and friends.  But so much seems to be missing at times, however, it’s my fault not Gods.

However, as a sinner I see this as something different at most times.  It’s that questioning and wondering that will often get us all into trouble.  I guess even though I’m not super happy today I still need to remember that it was on this day that God did give us His son and Jesus would die for our sins eventually.

So I will try and make the most of the rest of my day and not cry about split milk or whatever other problems I have, or at least try and keep it at a minimum.

For those that I am not around this year, I hope that you are having a blast where ever you are, in whatever state, or place you may be in.  Friends and family cheers to all of you and I sure hope it isn’t too cold in those other states 🙂


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