The words we like to hear

Everyone of us in life wants nothing more than to be loved.  Not just the love of family and friends, but so much more is searched for over the years of our lives.  But how do you know when the right time is to state those words, and how do you know when they are being stated for the right reasons?

In the past I’ve said these words too often, and well in the words of the song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol simply put:

(Those three words

Are said too much

They’re not enough.)

This is the sentiment I’m talking about right now.  Those three words are so nice to hear, you crave them in life from the right people, and often times from the wrong people.  It’s those bad relationships that you go through that will often define the person you are and how you look at those words from now on.

In the past I’ve been in abusive relationships, one’s where I wish I could have gotten out of quicker.  Maybe not the actual beating that many women suffer from, but the words that are pushed onto you, making you feel like you do not matter.  Those words that will often make you feel like you mean absolutely nothing to anyone, not just the person who is telling you them, but from the world.

This lack of self-esteem has beat down many people in the past and will continue to do the same thing throw the years to come.  If there was just a way that you could instead not have to hear words, feel fists, or go through pain, well it wouldn’t be life, because we all sin.

However, that does not mean that you should shut down and not want to hear those words ever again in your life.  Hell even people who’ve come through some of the roughest times will still want to and crave those three words.  The real question is not if they will hear them again, but at times if they will really believe them when they are said or not.

Another problem that I myself often face is the fact that I have to question what Love really is.  This is only because of the past and how I’ve made wrong choices.  But really just how many other people have gone through their lives and not really known what Love is?  In that case that is when those three words just don’t mean enough to them.  It is something that is needed and desired, but often lacking in some sort of conviction, because we simply are not sure if the words are true, or just coming from somewhere else in another persons universe.

I will be truthful hearing those words from the right person in my life would be thrilling.  However, it is not something that I will need either, I will crave it, desire it, wish for it, and love it if it happens.  But I do not want to be a person who only hears the words and does not get the whole thing anymore.

What is the whole thing?  The meaning that the other person knows without a doubt that there is nothing in this world that they would not do for me.  Or better yet, let me explain what those three words really mean to me, it will make more sense.

So if you have heard those three words from me at some point in life and are not just a friend, but a true friend who I would go to the end for this is what I mean:

I will do anything for you, protect you, stand up for you, fight for you, go to bat for you, until the last breath has escaped from my body.  That is what I love you to me means, does it mean it to you?  Anyone, everyone, think about it!



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