Yes this is my sentiment today, UGH.  Simple enough but such a word that could mean so much more than just what it sounds like.  Is this an UGH, finally I’m done with my work?  Or is it more of an UGH, hell it’s only 6 pm at night and I won’t have fun until a much later time.

This UGH is one that is filled with many meanings, most of which are quite difficult to explain fully.  But it’s not really a good UGH, but more of an Ugh UGH.  You know that feeling of simply wishing the day would skip past a lot quicker, the time when you get to see the smile of someone who means a lot to you.

Yes my days are now filled with a longing that should not be there.  Well that is if you do not believe in wanting to spend extra time with anyone who you think is special.  Somehow, somewhere along the way though I got lost and ended up at a point where I am missing someone again.

Jeez, you have to wonder if life just is simple at least one single time in the future.  Will it all fall into place, will there be no more worries, no more sad times?  Well I guess with Faith you have to believe that sooner or later it will all come to pass and what you deserve you will get.

Hey on a side note for that last comment, those people who have messed around and screwed others over, that means your time is coming too.  Kind of funny, but you all may want to begin looking over your back soon.  Hey it’s not a threat from me at all, but a promise from God!


Have a great day and once again UGH>


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