For Us All

There are times that will come up in your life, no matter who you are, where you will have to stand up and help another person.  Well that is if you have friends you will be called upon at least one time to show them they are very important.  At times this can be a difficult task, case and point, if the person has always been put down by others they thought were important.

But there are ways to get the point across and let them know that they Do Matter to You, and other people as well.  If you have ever had to do this you know that you give your all, your whole heart, and so much more to help out that person.  When you find out that this person is not just a friend, but someone you care about more than that, well it becomes even more important that you get the message across.

Here is something to consider today:

Not only are you now putting in your friendship and how you feel, but possibly your whole soul to the equation.  When it comes to this point you may be asked (Am I worth it?), well the answer in this case is absolutely no doubt about it, you are worth everything.

Any tear that I have shed because of your pain is there because I want to take the pain away from you.  Not because I pity or feel bad about what happened, but because the pain is so fresh and raw to me as well.  It feels as if the same thing happened to me as well.  (well this is the way that many people will react to that question).

Just saying there are times that you may have felt this way before in life too.  All you need to know is that you are not the only one who has faced it, and will not be the last one.  So if you are having a day like this, know that at least I have been there before and am thinking good thoughts that you will find a way through this time in your life.

ON a side note, most of my posts will make very little sense at times, but that is because I just write as I think.  So I am sorry if this will confuse anyone, but just take it as it is.  A bit of words to live by, or how I’ve done it in the past or maybe even in the future 🙂


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