So it seems like each day I get up is just another day when I’m working on anything but my own thing.  At least I can admit that I have a serious problem editing my own work, but this is becoming more of a pain than anything else.  How can you ever expect to send a manuscript to a publisher or agent for that matter if you just can’t get into the editing of your own work?

hell I’m up for any ideas on this, I do have a friend who is supposed to be helping me out a bit with setting up the story the right way.  Since it was part of the NanoWriMo it is a bit messed up in the direction that I was planning to go, or at least I think it may be.  Since several times I remember thinking, hell this would make a great beginning.  I think I have about 50 of those or so.

Is it a good story?  Well what I remember behind the premise it seems like it would be one great story.  did I write it well?  I certainly like to think so.  Will it be a hit?  Well I would love to say that God is going to make sure of that, and well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

More questions continue to form, but as you can tell this is more of an internal situation that seems to be something I have little power left to deal with right now.  Though I may have the rest of the day to edit, the real question will be just how much will I do?

I do have pretty much all day long until I have any further plans of fun.  So I should learn to take these moments and simply dive into the edit as well as I can.  How do published authors handle this step?  The one where I want to create more than edit?  Or maybe just the one that I don’t want to edit at all.

Here’s to hoping that I get out of my mind funk and just edit it!  Like a just do it.  I have to think Edit it.

Have a great day all! 🙂


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