Hi All

It’s been a great week!  So many fabulous things have happened, and I’m not sure how much better it could actually be.  Life is full of many blessings that I am so thankful for each and every day.

Though at times it is hard to be in the middle of something horrible, like a break-up, and just be so freaking happy with other aspects of your life.  Almost feel like I’m cheating the Devil by being so happy when he is trying to make it so darn tough for me!!

Well if that is the case right now I am completely enjoying God’s world, and that is what it is right now.  Can’t wait to begin writing today.  So far it’s just bingo and than onto my own things.  I think I’ll start editing Wych today and see just how far I can get.

Lots of changes to make I’m sure, but better to start on it and at least get it going so I can submit it and see just how well this work is!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day, and just keep in mind that All things are possible with God!!!  Or however you want to think of your own life and happiness.  🙂

Oh as an extra note- “Oh I had one of those!”  A great comment, and one that can mean so many things depending on the context of the time and place you hear it.  Great story will one day decide to share it right here on this page.  But for now, the comment is enough to really have a lot of people thinking 😉


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