For the whole week!

Just got some good news today, client I am working with fired two other people (no not happy for those 2 people), but for the person, me, who now gets the work, Hell yeah I’m happy.

I wish those other people good luck in finding work again though too.  It’s tough not to have much work as a freelance writer.  But I cannot determine on how well other people do their work.  I can only work on mine and make sure I provide quality work for my clients.

So far I must be doing something right, if he felt like he was able to fire other people who were not working well.  Eek, also a bit worried about pulling on too much work as well.  I mean I love making money and all, but have to keep in mind there are just so many hours in the day to do the things I need to do.

Don’t know how football really went, didn’t have the time to watch it this week, or last or the one before.  On a good note though, I have been having a blast on almost every weekend.  Though our new buddy was gone this one, it was still fairly good.  Glad he is back in our fold again!

Well if anyone can do quality work, I may have some side work that needs to be done, let me know! 🙂


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