Sorry it took so long

So I’ve been extremely swamped with new work and have been unable to post for a bit.  That’s okay I love my work and the more I get, the better off my son and I will be!  There is no way that I am complaining about the work I have, keep it coming!

Now what I really wanted to write about today:  Have you ever just had to wonder?  Now let me explain a bit more at least to enough extent that I do not give away my full story, but enough of it.  Not that I do not want to share with everyone, it is just to protect others that I cannot share the full depth of my thoughts at this time.

Let’s just say that I’ve come to a couple of realizations lately and it was a shock to me in several cases.  First off I have not always been a good girl, I have sinned in the past many times, and will continue to sin.  But I’ve since come back fully to God and now want to live in his glory for the rest of my life.  So due to this change I have now given up sex and I am trying to behave in all the ways that I can.

This being said my comment to a friend was “the next person I sleep with, will also be the last person I sleep with”.  But this will only be the person that God has led to me and let me known that this is the right one.  So I may have to wait for a bit of time.  However, He’s also given me a few hints that the person is not as far away as I think, and that it’s just the right timing that needs to be in place.  (really hope this is not confusing)

I also realized that no matter how much I dislike cold weather, there is a case and point where I would decide to live in a state that has all four seasons again, but only with the right person in my life.  (shit if this gives too much away, sorry)  This comment is for just one person and they will know who they are.

But now I also realize that finally at the age of 45 I may have grown up more in just a few weeks than I had in the rest of my years.

Sorry if this jumped around a lot, some people have commented that I do that.  It’s not because I mean too, it’s just the way that I write!!!  Thanks to all the people who have been reading and leaving fabulous comments as well, I will be following you as well 🙂


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