Lost track of time and days

Wow have you ever been so darn stressed out that you forget what day of the week, month or year it is?  I’ve been at this point for some time now, and am working hard to get out of it.  It’s hard to try and get back on your feet financially when you have a relationship that is over, and stress of moving on, and still living together (for a bit longer).

Now comes the time of finger pointing (on his part) and blaming of Ryan and how he affected the relationship.  I don’t know moms out there, but this is the way I think, and I would love to know if you think differently, because maybe I am really Fucked up.

I have a kid, the guy I am with needs to get along with my son.  Granted he was a bit younger when we started dating, but still, he was a teen at that point.  I have not been the strictest of moms in the world at all.  I’ve spanked him before, but not much.  I do talk with him and try and explain right from wrong, and God and Faith.  If you have not read my book (It’s not about us) you would not realize that Ryan was the one who got me back on track to find God again, and he has Faith too (though it may be waning right now due to circumstances).  So anyway sorry I got myself off track a bit there.

So any guy that I date will need to get along with my son.  Since he is older now, you have to deal with the fact that you may not agree with what values he has from my method of parenting.  But he is older, and those ideals could be pretty firm in place.  He’s a good boy, though like any kid he does dumb things at times.  But since last year he’s been great all year long as far as law problems are concerned.  And he honestly tries to help me out in anyway he can financially, even going to the point of getting ripped off for work he should be getting more for, but he does it because it is money.

So that guy does not agree, but he still will have to get along with my son.  At least to the point of where all 3 of us in the household are happy.  We may not all be happy at the same time all the time, but should be  most of the time.  Now is that too much to ask for?  I don’t think so, and until Ryan is out of the house, I think it should be about this.

Am I missing out on something good?  I am not sure since recently God showed me in several ways that I was not with the right person, and I needed to change.  So that and not Ryan is what lead to the ultimate end of the relationship.  People who know me, know what I’ve gone through in the past, and that I have tried.  But once I had that sign and knew that this one was not the right one, I had to move on.

But anyway again I go back too far.

Final Question: Is it wrong for a mom to want to have a guy who gets along with her son?

If He questions your methods of parenting or not, should he still need to have a good relationship for happiness?


Is the happiness of all 3 a must for this relationship to work (remember just a majority of the time)?


Alright I’m stopping now! 🙂



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