So this is it

Wow I was completely shocked today when I came inside.  Not only was I so tired that I had to lay down for several hours of the day, only to wake up and still feel like I am totally spent.  I haven’t done much at all today, just finally beginning to type around 5 tonight.  However, bingo work is done, waiting on another contract I have to figure out the specifics on it, and well hopefully work more on my NanoWriMo entry.

I am a bit confused on where to go with it, I thought perhaps I was done, but had a great thought this weekend of what to do with it.  I guess the biggest thing is all the other crap that has been going on has kept me from totally focusing lately.  But when I walked in and was told that someone would be moving soon, it was not only a shock, but a relief too.

Not that we haven’t had some great years together, but it had just gotten to the point where I was not happy inside of my own home.  It solves a lot of problems, but will also add in several other things that I will now have to watch out for.  Ugh, but Yeah, it’s such a weird feeling, and maybe one that I am only beginning to realize is going to be a lot tougher to deal with after the place is left to just me and Ryan.


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