I hate having bi-polar

Man I so hate the fact that i suffer from bi-polar, well not all the time, but these freaking depressions are just such a pain in the ass.  making me feel like I have no energy, and than I feel like I have made a mistake and that I am being punished for it.  The devil does bother us in many ways and I guess mine is today.

I am trying to figure out what to work on this morning and where to find more jobs for writing.  If anyone knows of a good location that pays semi-decent for work, I would love to know.  Though I do have my other things that I do for some reason I am feeling that I need to once again do a few more things.  Maybe because I’ve hit my 50K words already and even gone past it, or maybe the fact that for some reason I got another story idea.

hell who knows right now besides the fact that I am not in the best mood today.  Oh wait perhaps it’s the fact that I did not get to have my morning talk and coffee with John (Billy Ray, Or Jimmy Swaggert)!!  Hey if he reads this he will get a freaking kick out of that, though he may not totally admit to it, until after he calls me an ASS……LOL

Actually just this has helped out a bit with my mood already, so that’s it I was in a bad mood because I had failed to sit down and write.  makes some sense or maybe not.

Have a great day.


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