It’s Sunday and I’m unmotivated

Even though I am unmotivated I have still accomplished an extra 1,500 words on my book, so I guess I should not be real upset about it.  However, you have to consider that just yesterday or the day before I ripped out about 6 to 8 thousand words.  My goals and challenges are high, and I do that for a reason, I know I can do it.

But what the heck do you do when you simply feel like your mind has turned to mush?  Hell if I know right now, because I’ve taken a walk out in the sun, talked on the phone, talked to people around here, and listened to music.  So far it seems like nothing is getting me back in that mood to start writing.  Well except for here, because I’m bitching about it!

Football is on today, and since I have no TV to watch it on, I’ll just look at the scores later on.  So glad Nebraska beat Penn State, even before the controversy I really didn’t like this team much at all.  Now I know what the bad taste in my mouth was about it.

Hopefully Detroit will beat Chicago today, it will be a nice bonus to a Sunday where I may work very little.  Though I am also trying to help a friend build a web site, and have a few ideas on that so I may waste a bit of time on that whole process too.



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