It’s the day for the November writing month start!!!  Actually I was up way past midnight, and should still be sleeping, but I was too excited to not get up and do my normal things.  Again I have 2 story ideas and am contemplating doing them both, but that would mean 100,000 words I would have to come up with in only 30 days.  Highly unlikely, so I have to still pick which one I will completely finish for the contest.

Be sure to check out my associated content article, though many people may not agree with it, I still felt it was something that was interesting.  The link is

A warning for you though is that this may be something that if you have ever been a mistress of a man and stolen them from their wife, well you won’t really like it.  But for us people out there who have been cheated on and tossed aside, it’s a nice little story of revenge and at least for a few minutes taking back what is still yours, even if you really don’t want it.

I am happy with where I am now, and would never go back to the situation that was my life back years ago.  I get to write every day, and sleep in and basically make money for being creative.  But revenge is a strong thing to control, and it gets the best of you, no matter how good you try to be at times.



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