Happy Halloween

It’s my favorite day of the year!  I love Halloween, but as of yet I have not dressed up.  Myself I choose the gross and disgusting looks, because I love zombies and horror, I usually just try and dress up like that.  Did it one year for work and got a prize!!!  But today well I’m not sure if I will do anything, hell make-up alone is outrageous to buy.  So is candy, did anyone else notice the cost of those bags to buy this year?

But it is also a day to make sure you check that candy your children get when they go trick or treating.  Do not forget to do this, you never know about people, even if you have lived by them for years.

Football, of course that’s what I love talking about the most, besides writing.  Oh speaking of writing tomorrow is the starting day of November’s month of writing.  I will begin my task of trying to get 50,000 words out in 30 days.

Sad thing is now I have 2 story ideas, and I’m not sure which one to go with.  I think one is a bit better, just because it may give me a chance to add in some humor.  The other idea is a romance, and well I can always do that one later on.  Unless I get a lot of energy drinks and try to get both of them into the contest.  I would say if that was the case, I will not be much of a talker this coming month, or at least I would be a bit crabby, unaware of what I am really saying, and just in general a bit lost!  Oh wait some people may tell you that is how I am currently!

Loved that Detroit won yesterday, sad that Tebow had to be the victim though.  Thanks to the Steelers for shutting down the Patriots for the day!  Loved the come back by the Ravens, impressive, they should have played better before that time though.  Miami, dudes you had that game won, you have to learn to keep those leads.  That team should at least have one win, but well they folded and let Eli pick them apart.

Stanford shows why they are a team that is tough by lasting through 3 long OT’s in a very impressive win as well!  Huskers won, with ease that I really thought would not happen.  Yes I had thought that MSU would put up a bit more of a fight, but I guess playing in Lincoln, you get a bit overwhelmed very quickly!

Not much else, though I could go on for hours I’m sure, want to finish so I can enjoy the fun today!


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