It’s Time for some Football

I love Sunday’s!!!!  NFL football, watching my fantasy scores and just having a great time.  That’s what it’s all about, this time of the year is often one that I enjoy a lot.  It will be a tough test I think for the Lions today as they face the bronco’s and Tebow. If Denver didn’t have Tim in there I would think the game would actually be a very easy one for Detroit.  But hey they finally got smart and put him in there, sure he may make mistakes, but he has that knack of just doing an awesome job and pulling off wins, just like last week.

Gotta go for Pittsburgh today even though I really don’t like them much, but out of them or New England I have to say they are the lesser of two evils for me.  Should be an interesting week as some teams who have been inconsistent may be able to pull off another win this week, or may find themselves on the losing side again.

Wonder if Miami will win just one game this year too?  It seems like they should have won a few of them, but just fall apart in the end.  But wait before I go into Sunday more, I must say I was a bit surprised the Michigan State didn’t present a bit more of a fight yesterday against the Huskers.  But what can I say Go Big RED!!!!

Alright back to the NFL and what I feel or at least hope will happen this week!  Miami against the Giants, well I don’t think the Dolphins will win this week, same with the Colts they probably will not win either.  The two games besides Detroit that I am waiting to see the results of have to be the Redskins against the Bills.  I think Buffalo will come out on top if they play at the top of their game, but the skins are showing a lot of spark lately, well kind of!

And of course that Browns and niners game, I have to say I would love to see Harbaugh and his team take a loss this week, just to knock them down a few levels from thinking they are the greatest team in the league.  Sure you beat the Lions, but really, let’s see what happens when you face a team that has been playing together well for several years.  Hate to complement the teams here, but when they face Baltimore and Pittsburgh later this year, they won’t stand a chance.  Just saying, not hating on them, but they don’t have what it takes yet either to make it all the way through the year.

One last thing, how many points do you think the Saints will put up against the Rams?  It could be another lovely high scoring fantasy week for my Saint boy’s I have on my team!!!

Have fun and hope your teams win today as long as my team isn’t playing them!!! 🙂


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