Why Neighbors SUCK.

So last night we had a mini fire in the yard here, supposedly not started by anyone of us, but that is not what all the (sorry 3 noisy neighbors) are trying to blame it on my fire.  Claiming they saw him pouring lighter fluid on some wood and lighting it on fire.  Yet, he was the one who poured, not lighter fluid, but water on it to get it out.

So because of 3 people who are not even sure what they are talking about, and don’t even live close enough to see what was being poured, he now faces charges that he should not be facing.

Have you ever had neighbors like this?  You know the one’s who because someone has been in trouble before they blame them automatically.  I was trying to explain to one of them, go and smell the wood, there is nothing on their you would be able to smell it.  And she simply told me, he’s been in trouble before, so he did it.

Assholes like this really need to get a freaking life and deal with their own disfunctional families instead of bugging other people.  Mind you this is a woman who’s daughter and two grand daughters live in a building in the same place.  Two of who were yelling and swearing at each other earlier this week.  Plus she kicked her mom’s car, all I can say is next time I see a scene like that I will not hesitate to call the cops for disturbing the peace on them.

Karma is a bitch and it’s about ready to be pushed right back onto them quickly 🙂


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