In what ways do you stand out?

Have you ever thought of the various ways that you stand out among the crowd?  Really do you have a special skill that only you can do, or at least that you are the only one you know of that can do it?  We all have a unique skill or ability that has been given to us by God.  It would be a shame if you are not a person who takes advantage of that skill or ability that has been given to you.

For me I love to write, and be creative.  God has given me this gift that I try and use every single day of the week.  And this year finally I will be competiting in the NanoWriMo too.  It’s a writing competition that begins on November 1st and last the full month, you goal is to finish 50K words in that amount of time.

As long as I have a good idea, I know the words will come out pretty automatically.  Heck it may not be a great story, or it could be, just depending on what I finally settle on writing about.  Since I’ve been playing Dead island a lot lately, I was thinking a zombie theme.  But those are hard to come up with a bit of a different story than what has been done a ton of times before.  However, I do have a few unique ideas that if I use them right I believe could be very good, and hopefully will amount to at least 50K 🙂


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