I love working from home

It’s so nice to be able to work at home.  But really I wish I was a bit more motivated a lot of the time.  I could most likely make a lot more money, if I could only learn to market my blogs a bit better, and maybe even post some of my things for free so people can read the stories or poems that I come up with.

However, at times a lot of them are things that I am not sure people would really understand fully.  Or perhaps it’s just the fear of someone saying, wow that sucks.  LOL, hey some of my stuff though is quite a bit different.  But writing your own things will not always bring in money very quickly.  Though I do have several books listed on my LULU account, as well as some cheap one’s I’ve posted on Amazon, that cost less than 1 dollar to download.  It’s cheap and almost free, so if I could just learn how to get people into that spot where they can see it and say, hell I’ll try a read for .99 cents!

Simple enough, right?  Not really I guess I just enjoy the fact of being able to write more than I can decide on how to market.  Perhaps one day I will find a way to be able to afford someone who will help me market my things!

Back to football for a few seconds, even though Baltimore had a horrible game last night I pulled out my 4th victory in Fantasy Play!  Very happy about that and hope that it will continue so I can slowly make it to the top few people who will make it into the playoffs!



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