Wow what’s up with the NFL?

I don’t recall in the past when the NFL has been so up in the air.  I mean you have so many competitors that you are not used to seeing up there with good records.  Like Buffalo, you have to give a shout out to that team, they have had a great season.  Of course you have the Lions, who have won several games, after years of not winning a single game.  Since I am a big Lions fan this is great news for me.  But even the 49er’s who haven’t been good in years, are looking like they are a contender too.  But really I think the most surprising team for me has to be the Texans.  Holy crap they are super amazing, and they are just a complete surprise I think for almost everyone who follows the sport.

It’s surprising that Miami isn’t winning games, they seem to come close, but never quite get the job done.  Well this week it was because they were facing a QB who is used to pulling out those big wins in the past.  Tim Tebow, I watched him when he played at Florida and he was amazing, and with a bit of time, this kid will be putting up numbers that should look well like Elway did when he was with the Bronco’s.  That is as long as he doesn’t have to put up with too much crap of continually being compared to everyone else.

so speaking of that why do all quarterbacks get compared to each other.  Tom Brady I heard once was compared to some other greats, but personally I think it’s more the team than just him.  He has good support, switch him to a team like Miami, and I seriously doubt they would be contenders in the long run.  He’s just not that good, the Whole Team makes that team good, not that I like them but you have to admit they are consistent with their wins almost every season.  But he is no Roger Staubach, or even a Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning is the type of quarterback that could go to a team and turn them around.  Heck just look at the Colts without him in there, they are horrible.  There is no way that many quarterbacks should be compared to him, at least not the ones that are currently active anyway.

But what happens is that many people always think that there teams quarterback is either the best around, or is so horrible that they need to replace them immediately.  I read today on I think about how a team will depend a lot on a QB, but not all of them can depend on the one’s that they have.

Here’s my fantasy QBs and why I picked them, and why I should not have picked some perhaps.  I have Joe Flacco from Baltimore, think he’s doing great, and still stand by my pick.  I also have Tony Romo, nothing against him, but he is really inconsistant at some points, and I do doubt that draft pick on my part.  I don’t think I have even used him in the last few weeks, no as a matter of fact I used him the first game I played and that is all.

I accidentally got Cam Newton, but have to say I am surprised and a bit surprised by his play so far.  Not that the Panthers are doing great, but his points this year have been darn right amazing at points.  With more time he will be an outstanding asset to this team, and perhaps it may come earlier than people think.  Although I lost Ray Rice in the trade, he was one awesome running back, I can still say I am somewhat happy about how this turned out.

Although in most cases I have stuck with Flacco, I did use Cam last week and he helped me win, I was actually finally at .500 percent too.  But thanks to just an outstanding game by my two Saints guys this week, and a study game from almost all my starters I should win this week.  I have Flacco and Boldin who are playing tonight and I need less than 3 points.

This season I think it will not be known who the real elite teams until the playoffs actually come.  Everyone says that Green Bay is the team to beat, but really they are only relying on the play of Aaron Rogers, he’s good, I have to admit.  But without him, they may not have won the games they have this year.

Oh and a big shout out for the Saints, holy cow messing up the Colts 62 to 7.  What a shock, but Brees is also a great QB, and his team is made up of many talented people who are doing a great job this year.  My two players are Sproles, awesome game, and Colston, also an outstanding game.  I do have Devrey Henderson for them too, but had him benched, have way too may good receivers this year 🙂


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