Off the political topics

Politics is not one of my favorite topics, there is just too much that is wrong in government to really sit down and make any sense out of.  But there are many people who are much more up on the topic.  Just got done off the phone with a close friend, in fact she was one who took me and my son in when we were homeless.  They opened up their hearts and homes, she didn’t know me but by a simple introduction.  But I can tell you this she was the answer to our prayers at that time, along with her husband and son.  The three of them welcomed us as if we were old friends from the past and let us stay there until we could find a new place to stay.

Now I am doing the same thing, helping out another person who if we didn’t provide a room would be living on the streets.  It’s funny how you can turn around and help other’s very easily.  I’m not rich in any case, in fact we barely make it by at times.  But I could not in my right mind allow this man who is thinner than I don’t know what to live outside, it’s getting cold down here.  Yes it does get cold in Florida all the time, well not all the time.

Anyway it just feels good to know that I am helping another person out, just like they helped us out in the past.  Karma is a nice thing, if you know how to be a good person that is.  There are several people who just don’t get those things in life.  However, like she and I had discussed before, you know we do the best we can.

So here’s hoping everyone has a great day!


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