What is wrong with America?

This country used to be one where you could speak your mind and not get into trouble.  But also keep in mind that the full control of the country has always been in the pockets of people who have the money.  people who can do as they feel and not get into trouble.  If you don’t believe this look at all the sports stars, celebrities, or even past politicians who have done things and got away with it.

Hell it’s sad when Clinton got in trouble for a simple BJ in office, but W.  who was one of the dumbest presidents in the history of our country, can ruin all the work that was done before him, and screw our economy up so freaking bad.  Or the fact that Lindsey Lohan is always in trouble, but hasn’t spent much of anytime in jail, where she should be.  These are only two examples of how our country has become ridiculous.

Homeless, unemployed, and below the poverty line people are all over the place.  The economy is NOT getting any better, unless you already had money.  Hell the government has no problem not charging taxes to the rich, letting them get away with crap.  But when it comes to the little people who suffer each and every day, we have to jump through fucking hoops just to get a little bit of assistance.  often times it comes too late and we are left in a deeper hole than we originally started in.

Doesn’t seem right, look around in your own town, think about those people who you see, that are homeless, or that you can tell are extremely poor.  Too many people, we need some sort of change, but will it ever happen?  NO, most likely not because people are afraid to stick up for themselves, they know they will get into trouble or be left on the street to starve.

Lets get the power back in the people’s hands, the people who are not rich.



  1. solutions777 said,

    October 19, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Sounds like hate, envy and jealousy.

    Yes, the economy is dying. But destroying everything to get a few something will only alleviate some suffering. It will not solve anything.

    It should be about solutions, not politics.

    • ctanner1966 said,

      October 19, 2011 at 8:49 pm

      Absolutely agree with you completely. Change is what we need. Not hate, envy and jealousy, I would not want to switch with people who have a ton of money, and just as many problems because everything is available to them. Just a nice living being able to not have to toil to try and feed my family by doing little jobs that rarely add up to enough to put gas in a vehicle to get to doctors appts. 😛 going to check out your page 🙂

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