Life as it is

One thing I have noticed in my years is that Life is often a big test, just like you were back in school, and had to pass the exam.  But in order to pass this exam, it’s the Faith you have in God that will have you passing the tests.  And at times it seems like you really didn’t pass it at all, but just barely got by with a little bit of your will left.  However, that is when we need to turn to God and depend on Him, and let our lives in His hands.

But at times it can be so difficult to remember that when times get tough.  We just have to keep telling ourselves that He has a plan, and it will work out.  Just trust Him and you will be fine, it may not seem like He is there with you, but really He is.  Watching and maybe even actually carrying you at some point in time.

So I guess this was a bit of a speech to myself to keep my dreams and hopes alive.  But also maybe it will help someone else out in the long run, if anyone ever reads it 🙂


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